Skip Food An Pray Fo Real Kine
(Matthew 11:5; Luke 4:18-19)
Da One In Charge tell: “Yell real loud! No hold back!
Jalike one trumpet, make um loud!
Tell my peopo, da one dat come from Jacob,
How dey go agains me
An do bad kine stuff!
Me, da One dey aks wat fo do, ery day!
Dey ack jalike dey fo real kine like know how I ack.
Dey ack jalike dey one nation
Dat stay do wass right erytime,
An lissen wat me dea God tell um fo do,
Cuz I da Judge.
Dey aks me fo judge da right way fo dem.
Dey ack jalike dey like
Fo me come nea dem.
“Dey tell me, ‘Wase time,
Us guys skip food fo us pray,
An you neva see dat!
Wase time!
Us guys no make big head bout notting,
An you neva know!’
Dass how dey talk.
“But you know wat you guys do?!
Weneva you guys skip food,
You do um fo make ony you feel good!
An same time, you guys make any kine to all yoa worka guys.
Wen you guys skip food,
You guys ony make argue an like beef!
You no stay pray!
You guys wack each odda wit yoa fis
Fo do someting bad!
If you guys skip food da way you stay do today,
No tink you goin make me lissen you,
Up hea inside da sky,
Cuz I not!
You tink dat wen I like fo you skip food,
I ony like fo peopo ack jalike dey notting,
An bow down dea head
Jalike one reed dat stan up inside da watta,
An spread out one burmbag cloth wit ashes on top
Fo lay down dea.
You guys tink dass all you guys gotta do wen you skip food fo pray?!
You tink dat goin make me, Da One In Charge, feel good inside?!
No way!
“But dis da way I tell gotta be
Wen you guys skip food fo pray:
Anybody dat stay in jail
Cuz da judge wen judge um da wrong way,
Get um outa jail!
Anybody gotta carry one heavy load
Jalike one yoke fo cows fo pull one wagon,
Hemo da yoke!
Anybody stay suffa cuz dey get plenny presha,
Let um go an no make dem come slaves one mo time!
Broke up all da yokes!
58:7: Matt 25:34Wen you guys no eat food so you can pray,
Share yoa food wit da hungry peopo!
Da peopo dat no mo notting an homeless,
Bring um wea dey can live!
Wen you see peopo dat no mo clotheses,
Give um clotheses!
An no go hide
Wen yoa ohana guys need fo you help um!
“Den, wen dass how you ack,
Goin be jalike wen da sun come up—
Erybody goin see
Dat you guys get life from me, Da One In Charge.
All da place you get cut an scratch,
New skin goin grow dea real quick.
Cuz you stay do da right ting erytime
You goin know wea fo go.
An cuz Da One In Charge stay awesome
He no goin let nobody come from behind you fo hurt you.
Den you guys goin call,
An Da One In Charge goin hear dat an do someting.
You guys goin yell fo help,
An he goin tell, ‘I stay right hea!’
“But firs, you guys betta not give da odda guys hard time,
Jalike you stay tie da yoke on top da cows!
You guys betta not poin finga da odda guys, an no talk bad no moa!
10 An you guys betta go all out
Fo help da hungry peopo,
An take good kea da peopo dat get hard time!
Den, if you guys make lidat,
Peopo goin get life,
No matta get bad kine stuff happen all aroun.
Jalike you guys stay give one light dat shine
Wen eryting stay dark,
Fo make da dark places get light all ova,
Jalike noon time!
11 Da One In Charge goin show you guys
Wea fo go all da time.
He goin take kea wateva you guys need,
No matta da sun stay hot an burn up da land.
He goin make you guys stay strong
An feel good.
You goin be jalike one garden dat get plenny watta,
Jalike one watta puka wea da watta no pau come out.
12 Some a yoa peopo
Goin build up one mo time da ol broke up town,
An fix up da ol foundation,
Dat yoa ancesta guys wen put firs time.
Peopo goin call you guys
‘Da guys dat fix da broke up walls,
Da guys dat fix da streets
Fo peopo live dea.’
13 “You guys gotta make da Res Day spesho fo me.
An no go any place mo far den you suppose to go,
An no jus do wateva you like do dat day,
Cuz da whole day stay spesho fo me.
You guys gotta tell peopo
Dat da Res Day make you feel good inside,
An dat stay spesho ony fo me, Da One In Charge,
Fo show respeck fo me lidat.
Dis, how you goin show respeck fo da Res Day:
You no goin do stuff yoa way dat day.
You no goin look fo ony da kine stuff you like do.
You no goin talk any kine wase time stuff,
14 If you guys stay do all dat,
Den you guys goin feel good inside
Cuz you stay tight wit me, Da One In Charge.
I goin let you guys ride on top da mos high places in da land,
Cuz you guys goin be da ownas.
I goin make shua you guys get plenny food fo eat
From da same land
Dat I wen make one promise
Fo give um to yoa ancesta Jacob.
Dass wat I goin do cuz me Da One In Charge,
An dass wat I tell!”

58:7 58:7: Matt 25:34