Wen Dey Sorry
God Get Dem Outa Trouble
(Rome 3:13-18; 11:26-27; Efesus 6:14-15, 17; 1 Tessalonika 5:8)
Fo shua, Da One In Charge get plenny powa
Fo get us guys outa trouble.
Fo shua, he can hear good.
So! How come you guys stay cut off from da God you pray to, Da One In Charge?!
Az cuz you guys do bad kine stuff dat God goin punish you fo, az why!
How come God no let you see his face
An he no lissen?!
Cuz you guys stay do bad kine stuff, az why!
You guys kill peopo an dey bleed an mahke,
Jalike yoa hands stay dirty wit blood.
God goin punish you guys fo all da kine stuff you do,
An jalike yoa fingas get dirt all ova um
From da tings you wen do
Dat God goin punish you fo.
You guys talk all bulai kine tings.
You guys ony talk bout tings dass not right.
No mo nobody fo tell peopo
Dey betta do da right ting.
Wen peopo talk in front da judge,
Nobody tell um da trut.
Dey tink az good,
Fo tell stuff dat no mean notting,
An talk bout wase time kine stuff,
An make trouble,
An cuz a dat, bad kine stuff happen.
Jalike one wahine come hapai,
An cuz a dat, she born one bebe.
Jalike dey make da egg come open
From one poison snake can kill you.
Dey make one web jalike one spida.
But anybody go lissen dat kine peopo,
Jalike dey eat da poison snake egg an mahke.
You broke open one poison snake egg,
Ony make anodda poison snake come out.
Da spida webs dey make,
No good fo make clotheses.
Nobody can cova dem wit dat.
Da kine tings dey do, ony bad kine.
Dey like fight an hurt peopo.
59:7: Rome 3:15-17Dey run fas fo do bad kine stuff.
Dey real quick fo kill peopo
Dat neva do notting bad.
Dey ony tink bout
How fo do bad kine stuff.
Ery place dey go,
Dey broke up eryting.
Dey donno how fo live wit aloha an no fight.
Da way dey go, dey no mo judge
Fo show um wass right.
Dey pick da mos crooked way fo live.
Anybody live dea way,
Dey no goin find out how fo live wit aloha.
An dass how come God da Judge no tell
Dat us guys stay do da right kine tings,
Cuz us no do um.
Us guys still stay far
From do da right ting erytime.
Us like do good tings,
But jalike we like find light, but ony stay dark.
Jalike we like da bright light come,
But still yet, get ony shadow.
10 We ack jalike guys dat no can see.
We gotta touch da walls like peopo dat no mo eye.
Noon time, we trip an almos fall down jalike almos dark.
Wen we stay wit da strong guys,
We feel jalike da mahke guys.
11 All us guys make sad kine noise jalike da bear.
We soun sad jalike da dove.
We stay wait fo God da Judge tell
Dat us guys do da right kine ting,
But he no tell notting.
We stay wait fo somebody get us outa trouble,
But dey too far away from wea us guys stay.
12 Da One In Charge, da way you see um,
Plenny time us guys go agains you.
An all da bad kine stuff us wen do,
Dat stay agains us in front da judge.
Cuz us guys stay go agains you,
An da blame fo dat stay wit us foeva.
An us know awready, az true
Dat cuz a da tings us wen do, God gotta punish us.
13 Us go agains Da One In Charge,
An show he no can trus us guys.
Us no follow oua God.
Us tell “Laytas” to him.
Us tell peopo az okay
Fo make any kine to odda peopo
An go agains odda peopo.
Us tink how fo bulai peopo,
An teach odda peopo how fo do da same ting.
14 Oua peopo no let da judges tell
Who dey gotta punish.
Anybody like tell
Bout wass right an wass wrong,
Dey make um stay far.
Anybody like tell da trut,
Dey goin fall down on top da street.
Anybody like do wass right,
Dey no can even come inside oua town.
15 No mo nobody dea tell da trut.
Whoeva like no do bad kine stuff no moa,
Peopo attack dem.
Da One In Charge see all da bad stuff dat stay happen,
An he no feel good bout dat,
Cuz no mo nobody dea
Stay judge da right way.
16  59:16: Isa 63:5Da One In Charge, he see dat no mo nobody
Stay go agains da bad kine stuff.
He no can believe
No mo nobody even pray fo his peopo!
Dass why him da one do um
An use his own powa
Fo get his peopo outa trouble.
Cuz he do da right ting erytime,
He no need nobody fo help him.
17  59:17: Efes 6:14, 17; 1Tess 5:8Fo make ready fo fight,
Da One In Charge put on his body armor.
Az how come nobody can hurt him.
Dat mean, he stay do da right ting erytime.
He put on his helmet.
Dat mean, he know how
Fo get his peopo outa trouble.
Da shirt he put ova da body armor,
Az jalike fo show da bad guys
How he goin pay um back
Fo eryting dey wen do.
Da fancy kine robe he wear,
Az jalike fo show
Dat he goin go all out fo do all dis.
18 He goin pay um back
Same same jalike dey wen do:
I like bad tings happen to da guys dat hate him,
An pay back da guys dat stay agains him,
Even da peopo on top da far islans!
19 Da peopo from da west side,
Dey goin get respeck fo Da One In Charge
Wen dey find out wat kine god him.
From da east side, wea da sun come up,
Dey goin get respeck fo him
Wen dey see how awesome he stay.
Wen Da One In Charge come,
Goin come jalike one flood inside one small gulch,
An wit one strong wind from Da One In Charge
Dat goin make um move fas.
20  59:20: Rome 11:26Da One In Charge tell: “Da One dat goin pay da price
Fo his peopo no stay slaves no moa,
He goin come Jerusalem side,
Fo help da Mount Zion peopo,
Fo help da Jacob peopo
Dat befo time go agains God,
But dey stay sorry now
Cuz dey wen go agains him.”
Dass one spesho message from Da One In Charge.
21 Da One In Charge tell: “Dis, da deal I make
Fo da peopo dat stay my side.
My Spirit stay in charge a you guys,
An da tings I give you guys fo tell—
All dat no goin go way from you guys.
You goin tell um erytime.
An yoa kids goin tell um erytime.
An dea kids goin tell um erytime
From now an foeva.”
Dass wat Da One In Charge tell.

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