God Goin Pay Back Da Bad Guys
An Get Da Peopo Outa Trouble
63:1: Isa 34:5-17; Jer 49:7-22; Ezek 25:12-14; 35:1-15; Amos 1:11-12; Oba 1:1-14; Mal 1:2-5Da watcha guy tell:
“Eh! Who dat guy stay come from da Edom land,
From dea main town Bozrah?
His clotheses, all red on top!
Who dis awesome looking guy,
He stay wear real nice clotheses?
He march strait, an he real strong!
“Da guy tell, ‘Me, I da One get da right fo talk,
Cuz I do wass right!
I get plenny powa fo get peopo outa trouble!’
“How come da clothes you wear, all red?
Look jalike wen da guys smash da grapes wit dea feets fo make wine!
63:3 a: JShow 14:20; 19:15; b: JShow 19:13“He tell: ‘I no smash grapes.
I smash da diffren peopos!
No mo nobody from dose peopos help me.
Ony me!
I smash dem cuz I stay huhu wit dem.
I real plenny huhu
Dat I walk all ova dea bodies.
Dea blood shoot out all ova on top my clotheses
Jalike juice from da grape, an stain eryting.
Cuz I wen tink plenny,
Dis, da right time fo me pay back dose peopo
Cuz dey wen hurt my peopo.
An da time stay now fo do wat I gotta do
Fo get my peopo outa trouble.
63:5: Isa 59:16I look real hard,
But no mo nobody dea fo help me.
Bum me out dat nobody dea kokua me.
Az why I use my powa fo do wat I gotta do.
I stay huhu, an dass wat wen kokua me.
I walk all ova da diffren peopos fo punish dem
Jalike dey da grapes, cuz I stay huhu.
I make da peopos stagga jalike dey piloot,
Cuz I stay huhu still yet,
An I make dea blood pour out all ova da groun.’ ”
Tell Good Stuff Bout Da One In Charge
An Pray To Him
“I goin make shua nobody foget,
An tell all dat Da One In Charge do
Cuz he stay tight wit us guys,
An I goin tell all da good tings
Bout Da One In Charge
Cuz he do good tings fo us guys.
He give us Israel ohana peopo
Plenny good kine stuffs.
He show love an pity fo us guys,
An he stay tight wit us guys foeva.
He tell, ‘Fo shua, da Israel ohana,
Dey my peopo.
Dey my kids,
An dey no goin go agains me.’
Az why Da One In Charge, he da One
Dat get his peopo outa trouble.
Erytime his peopo suffa, he suffa too.
He stay right dea wit dem,
Jalike he one angel messenja guy
Fo get dem outa trouble.
He pay da price fo get um outa trouble,
Cuz he get love an aloha fo dem
An he pity dem.
Jalike from long time befo time
He stay pick dem up an carry um foeva.
10 But his peopo, still yet dey go agains him,
An make his Good An Spesho Spirit stay sad inside.
So he tell ‘Laytas’ to dem.
An he fight dem.
11 “Den his peopo tink how was
Long time befo time, wit Moses an his peopo.
Dey tink, ‘Wea da One
Wen take da Israel peopo thru da Red Sea,
Da time Moses an his ohana
Stay jalike sheep guys
Dat take kea da peopo ova dea?!
Wea da One dat wen put his Good An Spesho Spirit
Right dea wit all da peopo?!
12  63:12: Outa 14:21Wea da One dat wen use his awesome powa
Fo go wit Moses fo help him?!
Da One In Charge wen go open da watta on da two side
Fo da peopo walk thru,
Strait thru da middo.
An dass how Da One In Charge make erybody know
Wat kine God him, foeva!
13 Who wen lead da peopo
Thru da deep open place on da ocean bottom?!
Da peopo no fall down dea,
Jalike one horse go fas thru da boonies
An dey no fall down,
14 An jalike cows dat go easy down inside one valley.
Da Spirit from Da One In Charge make da peopo res.’ ”
Den me, Isaiah, I pray to Da One In Charge. I tell:
“Az how was, da time you wen lead yoa peopo,
An you make erybody know
Wat awesome kine god you!
15 Da One In Charge! Look down from da sky
From da place you live up dea,
Yoa Good An Spesho Place,
Dat show how awesome you stay!
Look down fo see wat stay happen!
Befo time you wen go all out fo us guys.
But now, you no give a rip!
Befo time, you wen use yoa powa fo help us guys.
But now, you no do notting.
You wen feel plenny love an pity fo me befo time,
But now, you stay hold back from me!
16 But you, you oua Faddah!
Cuz no matta Abraham an Israel
Dey donno notting bout us guys,
You Da One In Charge, you oua Faddah!
You da One wen do wat you gotta do
Fo get us guys outa trouble from befo time.
Cuz dass wat kine god you,
An dass yoa name, Get Us Outa Trouble!
17 Eh! You Da One In Charge! How come you let us guys
Go wea we like go an bag from you?!
How come you let us guys come hard head
So we no mo respeck fo you?!
Go come back by us,
Cuz us yoa worka guys,
Oua ohanas, dey yoa ohanas!
18 Ony short time, befo time,
Da peopo dat stay spesho fo you
Wen own da land.
But now, da peopo dat stay make trouble fo us guys,
Da Temple Dat Stay Spesho Fo You,
Dey walk all ova um an broke um down,
An make um fo nobody use um.
19 From long time, us guys stay yoa peopo.
But da ones dat stay agains us,
You neva was da king fo dem.
Nobody call dem yoa peopo.”

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