God Peopo Get One New Name
(Matthew 21:5; John 12:15)
Fo help God peopo on top Mount Zion,
I no goin hold back an no talk!
Fo help da Jerusalem peopo,
I no goin stay quiet,
Till erybody can see
Dat God peopo get um right wit him,
Jalike wen da sun come up morning time,
An erybody can see
Dat God get his peopo outa trouble.
Jalike one torch dat stay burn nite time,
Da peopo in all da countries goin see
All da right kine tings you guys stay do.
All da kings goin see
Dat you guys stay awesome.
You guys goin get one new name.
Da One In Charge goin give um to you guys.
You guys goin be jalike one nice looking lei
Dat Da One In Charge get in his hand.
Jalike da kine head cloth da king guys wear
Dat God hold in his hand.
Nobody goin tell you guys no mo
Dat yoa God wen bag from you guys.
Nobody goin tell
Dat no mo notting inside yoa land,
An nobody can live ova dea.
But wen dey tink bout you guys, dey goin tell
Dat God feel good inside bout you guys.
An wen dey tink bout yoa land, dey goin tell
Dat God stay come jalike yoa husban,
An you jalike his bride.
Jalike one young guy take one wahine fo come his wife,
You Jerusalem guys goin take Jerusalem town.
Jalike one young guy feel good inside bout his bride,
Yoa God goin feel good inside bout you guys.
Eh you Jerusalem peopo!
I stay put guys on top yoa walls fo watch.
Day time an nite time,
Dey no goin stay quiet.
You guys dat stay pray to Da One In Charge
Fo no foget wat he wen promise fo do,
No res o go sleep.
No let Da One In Charge res,
Till he make Jerusalem solid,
An make all da peopo on top da earth talk good bout him.
Da One In Charge make dis promise
Cuz he get da powa fo make um happen:
“No mo I goin eva let
Da peopo dat stay agains you
Take away yoa wheat an barley.
I no goin eva let
Da peopo from anodda place
Drink da new wine
You guys wen bus ass fo make.
But da guys dat harves da wheat,
Dey da ones goin eat um
An tell good stuff bout Da One In Charge.
An da guys dat harves da grapes,
Dey da ones goin drink da wine
Inside da open lanai fo da Temple
Dat Stay Spesho Fo Me.”
10 Go, pass thru da town gates.
Make one place fo my peopo come back!
Build up da big road.
Take away da stones.
Hold up one flag
So da diffren peopos know wea fo go!
11  62:11: Isa 40:10; JShow 22:12Da One In Charge tell da peopo all ova da world fo lissen:
“Tell my Jerusalem peopo from Mount Zion,
‘Look! Da One goin get you guys outa trouble,
He stay come!
Look! He stay bring wit him
Da ones he wen get outa trouble!’ ”
12 Dose peopo he goin bring,
Odda peopo goin call dem
“Da Peopo Dat Stay Spesho Fo Da One In Charge,
Da Peopo Dat Da One In Charge Pay Da Price
Fo Get Um Outa Trouble.”
An peopo goin call Jerusalem,
“Da Town Da One In Charge Wen Look Fo,
Da Town Da One In Charge No Goin Leave.”

62:11 62:11: Isa 40:10; JShow 22:12