One Angel Messenja Guy Come Bokim Side
One angel messenja guy from Da One In Charge go from Gilgal to Bokim. He tell da Israel guys, “I wen bring you guys outa Egypt to dis land. Az da land dat I wen make one strong promise fo give um to yoa ancesta guys. I wen tell, ‘No ways I goin broke da deal I wen make wit you guys!’ 2:2: Outa 34:12-13; Rules2 7:2-5An you guys, you not suppose to make one deal wit da peopo inside dis land. You guys suppose to broke down dea altars. But you guys no lissen! How come you guys make lidat, aah?! Az why I tell you guys now dat I no goin push dem out in front you guys. But dey goin come jalike thorns in you guys sides. An dea gods goin come one trap fo you guys.”
Wen da angel messenja guy pau talk lidat to all da Israel peopo, dey cry loud. Dey call dat place Bokim, cuz dey cry dea. An dey make sacrifices fo Da One In Charge ova dea.
Da Peopo No Lissen An Dey No Win
(Joshua 24:29-31)
Den Joshua, Nun boy, tell da peopo go home. Erybody go da place dat wen come dea property, fo take um ova. Da peopo work fo Da One In Charge, all da time dat Joshua still stay alive, an all da time dat get older leadas dat live mo long den him, dat wen see all da big tings Da One In Charge do fo da Israel peopo.
Joshua, Nun boy, da guy dat work fo Da One In Charge, he mahke wen he one hundred ten year ol. 2:9: Josh 19:49-50Dey bury him inside da land he get fo his property, Timnat Heres, up country Efraim side, north a Mount Gaash.
10 Afta all da peopo dat stay alive dat time mahke, dea kids grow up. But dey donno Da One In Charge, an donno wat he wen do fo da Israel peopo. 11 Den da Israel peopo do bad kine stuff da way Da One In Charge see um, an dey work fo da Baal gods. 12 Dey bag from Da One In Charge, da God fo dea ancesta guys dat wen bring dem outa Egypt. Dey stay tight wit odda gods an go down in front um, da gods fo da peopos dat live aroun dem. Dey make Da One In Charge come huhu 13 cuz dey bag from him, an work fo da Baal god, an da Ashterot gods. 14 Da One In Charge stay huhu wit da Israel peopo. So he let some steala guys go rip dem off. Az jalike he sell dem to da peopo dat live all aroun dem an hate dem. Da Israel peopo no mo da powa fo stop da steala guys. 15 Weneva da Israel peopo go out fo fight, Da One In Charge stay agains dem fo dem no win, jalike he wen make one strong promise befo time fo go agains dem.
16 Da One In Charge make some a dem come local leada guys. Dey no let da guys dat like rip off stuff from da Israel peopo get powa ova dem. 17 But still yet dey no lissen dea local leada guys. Dey fool aroun wit da odda gods, an go down in front dem. Dey no make jalike dea faddahs, but real fas dey tell “Laytas” to da way dea faddahs wen live, cuz dea faddahs wen lissen wat Da One In Charge tell um fo do. 18 Weneva Da One In Charge make one a dem dea local leada guy, he stay wit dat leada all da time da leada stay alive. Az how Da One In Charge get dem outa da powa a da peopo dat stay agains dem. Cuz Da One In Charge get love an pity fo dem wen dey stay moan from da presha dey get from da odda guys. 19 But weneva one local leada guy mahke, da peopo turn aroun. Dey jam up even mo stuff den dea faddahs wen jam up. Dey go follow odda gods, an work fo dem an go down in front dem. Dey ony like do bad kine stuff, an dey come real hard head.
20 Az why Da One In Charge come real huhu wit da Israel peopo. He tell, “Cuz dis peopo go make any kine agains da deal I wen make wit dea ancesta guys, an dey no lissen wat I tell um, 21 I no goin push out da res a da peopos in front dem, da ones dat still stay inside da land wen Joshua mahke. 22 I goin use dose peopos fo tes da Israel peopo. Dass how I goin find out if dey goin stay tight wit me, Da One In Charge, an live how I tell um fo live, jalike dea ancesta guys wen do, o wat?” 23 Az why Da One In Charge wen let dose peopos stay inside da Canaan land. He no take away dea land right den an dea, an he no let Joshua take ova dem.

2:2 2:2: Outa 34:12-13; Rules2 7:2-5

2:9 2:9: Josh 19:49-50