Da Israel Peopo Go Wit Odda Gods
Da One In Charge tell dis:
“If one guy dump his wife,
An she go way from him an go marry anodda guy,
Den no way he can go back an marry her one mo time.
Cuz if he do dat, den da land wea he do um goin come all pilau.
But you guys stay live
Jalike one hoa dat fool aroun wit plenny guys.
So how come you guys tink now you can come back by me?!
No ways!”
Dass da message from Da One In Charge.
“Look up da high mountains
Wea no mo plants grow cuz erybody go dea.
You guys goin see all da sacrifice places dea
Wea you wen go fool aroun in front da odda gods!
You guys sit by da roads
An wait fo somebody you can fool aroun wit,
Jalike da steala guys from da dry boonies
Stay wait fo jump somebody.
You guys make da land pilau,
Cuz you do real bad kine stuff
Wen you stay fool aroun wit da odda gods.
Az why I wen hold back da Novemba rain,
An no mo March rain too.
But you guys make hard head
Jalike one hoa.
You guys no let nobody make you come shame.
Even now, you guys no mo shame
Fo call me fo help. You tell,
‘Eh my faddah,
You my fren from small kid time!
You goin stay huhu all da time, o wat?!
You goin stay huhu till eryting pau?!’
Az right, how you guys stay talk all da time!
But still yet, you guys stay do
All da bad kine stuff you like do.”
Da Israel Peopo No Stay Tight Wit God
3:6: 2Kings 22:1–23:30; 2Rec 34:1–35:27Da time Josiah stay king, Da One In Charge tell me, “You see wat da Israel peopo wen do? Dey ack jalike one wahine dat no stay tight wit her husban. Dey go up on top all da high hills an unda ery tree dat get big shade, an go fool aroun dea in front da odda gods, jalike da hoaz. I wen tink dat afta dey do all dat kine stuff, dey goin come back by me, but dey neva. An da Judah peopo, dey jalike dea sistah guys too. Dey see wat da Israel peopo do, an dey do da same ting an ack jalike one wahine you no can trus too. An da Judah peopo wen see dat I wen cut off da Israel peopo, jalike I give um one divorce paypa an sen um away, cuz dey ack jalike one wahine dat no stay tight wit her husban an fool aroun wit da odda gods. But I see dat dea sistah guys, da Judah peopo, dey no stay tight wit me too. Dey no sked fo make jalike one wahine you no can trus, an go fool aroun wit da odda gods too, jalike da wahines dat fool aroun fo money. Da Israel peopo, no bodda dem wen dey go fool aroun in front da idol kine gods dat peopo make from stone an wood. Az why dey make da land pilau. 10 An cuz a wat da Israel peopo stay do, dea sistah guys da Judah peopo, dat stay ack jalike one wahine you no can trus. Dey no go all out fo come back by me. Dey ony ack!” Az da message from Da One In Charge.
11 Da One In Charge tell me dis too: “Da Israel peopo, dey no stay tight wit me. But dey stay do mo right den da Judah peopo, dat ack jalike one wahine you no can trus. 12 Go, tell dis fo da Israel peopo hear um:
“Da One In Charge tell, ‘Go come back by me, you Israel peopo
Dat wen tell “Laytas” to me.
I no goin give you guys stink eye no moa.
Cuz I like give you guys chance,
I no goin stay huhu all da time.
13 But one ting I tell you guys gotta do—
You gotta tell wat you wen do az wrong,
An dat you guys wen go agains me, yoa God, Da One In Charge,
An dat you guys fool aroun all ova da place
Wit odda peopo gods,
Unda all da trees dat get big shade.
An wen I talk, you guys no lissen, you make deaf ear!
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.’ ”
14 Da One In Charge tell dis too: “Go come back by me, you peopo dat like dig out an go way from me. Cuz I yoa husban, dat get da right fo tell you wat fo do. I goin pick some a you guys, one from one town, o two from one ohana, wea eva you stay scatta. I goin bring you guys back to da place dat stay spesho fo me, az Zion. 15 Den I goin give you guys leada guys fo take kea you, jalike dey guys dat take kea da sheeps. Dey da kine guys make me stay good inside. Dey goin show you guys wea fo go cuz dey know me, an dey goin undastan how come tings happen.
16 “Bumbye, wen mo an mo peopo live inside da land, da peopo no goin talk bout how was wen get da Box Fo No Foget Da Deal I Wen Make Wit You Guys. Dey no goin tink bout um o rememba um. Dey no goin make um dat importan. An dey no need make anodda box. 17 Dat time, peopo goin call Jerusalem ‘Da Place Wea Da One In Charge Put His Throne.’ All da diffren peopos goin come togedda inside Jerusalem fo show me respeck cuz dey know wat kine god me. Dey no goin stay piss off an stay hard head an do bad kine tings jalike dey stay do now. 18 Dat time, you Judah peopo goin come togedda wit da Israel peopo, fo come back from da land on da north side. You an dem goin come back togedda to da land I wen give yoa ancesta guys fo pass um on to dea kids foeva.
19 “Da One In Charge tell, ‘Me, I da One wen tell
Dat fo shua I like make you guys importan, jalike you my kids.
I like give you guys da good kine land dat erybody like live dea
Fo stay yoas foeva.
Dis place, mo nice looking den da lands da odda peopos get.
I wen like fo you guys call me yoa faddah.
An I no tink you guys goin dig out from me an no stay tight wit me.
20 But you Israel peopo,
Da way you guys ack, I no can trus you!
You guys ack jalike one wahine dat her husban no can trus,
An she dig out from him!’ ”
Dass da message from Da One In Charge.
21 Da Israel peopo cry from on top da high mountains
Wea da plants no grow cuz erybody go walk ova dea.
Dey cry an beg da gods dea fo help dem,
Cuz dey wen go da wrong way
An foget bout dea God, Da One In Charge.
22 Da One In Charge tell:
“Go come back, you peopo
Dat nobody can trus.
I goin make you guys come good one mo time,
So bumbye you no bag from me.
“Mo betta you tell:
‘Az right, us guys da one!
Us guys like come by you now,
Cuz you oua God, dass Da One In Charge a us.
23 Fo shua, wat us wen do up dea on top da hills,
Az ony one show!
Eryting us wen do on top da mountains,
Az ony fo make big noise!
Cuz you, oua God, you Da One In Charge a us,
Ony you can get us Israel guys outa trouble.
24 From da time us small kids,
Baal, da god dat do shame kine stuff,
Eat up all da stuff oua faddahs wen bus ass fo get.
He take dea sheeps an goats an cows.
An he take dea boys an girls.
25 Us no goin show face cuz we get plenny shame.
Us goin come bum out cuz no mo nobody get respeck fo us!
Us an oua ancesta guys, all us wen do bad kine stuff
Agains oua God, dass Da One In Charge a us.
We do all dat from small kid time till now.
We neva lissen wat oua God, dass Da One In Charge a us, tell us!’ ”

3:6 3:6: 2Kings 22:123:30; 2Rec 34:135:27