Jeremiah An Pash-hur
Da pries guy Pash-hur, Immer boy, he da main leada guy in charge a security fo da Temple Fo Da One In Charge. Wen he hear Jeremiah talk fo God an tell dese tings. Pash-hur tell his worka guys fo go bus up Jeremiah, da guy dat talk fo God, an lock his legs inside da holes in da wood frame shackles dat stay dea by da gate fo da mauka side a da open lanai fo da Temple, wea da road to da Benjamin land go, fo Jeremiah no move. Da nex day, Pash-hur hemo Jeremiah from da shackles. Jeremiah tell um, “Da One In Charge get dis new name fo you. Not Pash-hur, but Magor-Missabib. Dat mean, ‘Stay Real Sked.’ Cuz dis wat Da One In Charge tell: ‘I goin make you an all yoa frenz come real sked. You goin see da guys dat stay agains oua peopo use dea swords fo kill yoa frenz. I goin give da Babylon king powa ova all you Judah peopo. He goin take some a you guys Babylon side, an tell his guys kill some a you wit swords. I goin give all da rich kine stuff from dis town to da guys dat stay agains dem—all da stuff oua peopo wen work fo make, an all da awesome kine stuffs da peopo get, an all da rich kine stuff da Judah kings get. Da Babylon guys goin rip off all dat, an take um Babylon side. An you, Pash-hur, an erybody dat stay live inside yoa house, all you guys goin come prisonas. You goin go Babylon side, an dass da place you goin mahke, an dey goin bury you dea. Same ting fo you an all yoa frenz—you wen ack jalike one guy dat talk fo God, but you ony tell yoa frenz bulai stuff.’ ”
Jeremiah Grumble
Da One In Charge, you wen make me tink az good I talk fo you,
An I wen lissen you.
You mo strong den me, az why you win.
Peopo make fun a me all day.
Dey all stay laugh at me.
Cuz weneva I talk,
I gotta yell, an tell,
“Eryting goin get bus up an wipe out!”
Az why, weneva I tell wat Da One In Charge tell me,
Da peopo ony stick tongue an laugh at me all day.
But if I tell, “I no goin even tink bout Da One In Charge!
I no goin talk fo him no moa!”
Den, da tings he like me tell stay inside me,
Jalike one fire stay burn inside me!
Jalike my bones burning up inside.
I stay tired from hold um inside.
I no can hold um inside no moa.
10 I hear plenny guys talk sof kine,
Dey tell, “Dis Jeremiah, da ‘stay real sked’ guy—
We go tell on him.”
Even all my frenz stay wait fo me fo tell someting wrong.
Dey tell, “Maybe us guys can trick Jeremiah!
Den we can win, an get back at him!”
11 But Da One In Charge, he stay wit me
Jalike one skery kine army guy.
Az why da guys dat like give me hard time,
Dey goin trip an fall down.
Dey no goin win.
Dey goin come real shame.
Tings no goin come good fo dem.
Nobody goin foget dat dey get shame all da time.
12 Da One In Charge, you da God Ova All Da Armies.
You tes da peopo dat do da right ting.
You know how dey feel an how dey tink.
I like see you pay back dose odda guys,
Cuz I wen tell you eryting bout da problem I get.
13 Eh erybody! sing to Da One In Charge!
Tell good stuff bout Da One In Charge!
Da peopo dat no mo nobody fo help dem, he get dem outa trouble,
So da bad kine guys no mo da powa fo hurt dem.
14  20:14: Job 3:1-19Still yet, I like put kahuna on top da day I wen born!
I like fo notting good happen dat day wen my muddah wen born me!
15 I like put kahuna on top da guy dat tell my faddah dat I wen born.
He make my faddah come real good inside,
Cuz he tell, “You get one boy!”
16 I like fo da guy dat tell my faddah I born, come jalike Sodom an Gomorrah towns,
Dat Da One In Charge wen wipe um out an no show pity!
I like dat guy hear peopo stay crying morning time,
An army guys stay yelling fo fight noon time!
17 I mad cuz dat guy neva kill me wen I inside my muddah.
Fo me stay inside my muddah, an make my grave dea.
18 How come I wen born?!
Fo shua, az ony fo get trouble an stay sad inside!
Ony fo come shame till I mahke!

20:14 20:14: Job 3:1-19