God Goin Bring Back Da Israel Peopo
Dis da message from Da One In Charge fo Jeremiah: “Dis wat Da One In Charge, da God fo da Israel peopo, tell: Write eryting I wen tell you inside one roll up kine book. Da time goin come wen I goin make eryting come good one mo time fo my Israel an Judah peopo, so dey no stay prisonas no moa. I goin bring um back inside da land dat I wen give dea ancesta guys befo time. An I goin make dem land ownas one mo time.” Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
Dis wat Da One In Charge tell bout da Israel an Judah peopo. He tell:
“Get guys yelling an screaming
Cuz dey real sked an shaking,
An dey no mo cool head!
Tink bout dis—
You tink one guy can born kids?!
Den how come I see ery strong guy
Wit his two hand on top his opu,
Jalike one wahine dat goin born one bebe?!
An erybody face come real white?!
Eryting goin come real bad! Goin come real hard fo erybody!
No goin get anodda day like dat!
Too much presha fo da peopo dat come from Jacob!
But me, Da One In Charge, I goin get dem outa dat trouble.”
Da One In Charge, da Boss Ova All da Armies, tell:
“Dat time, jalike I goin broke da yoke off dea neck.
I goin cut da ropes dat tie um.
Dey no goin be slaves no mo
Fo guys from anodda place dey donno.
But dey goin work fo me, dea God, Da One In Charge,
An fo David dea king,
Wen I make somebody from David line
Come king fo dem.
10  30:10: Jer 46:27-28“So no sked, you peopo dat come from Jacob dat work fo me.
No come bum out, you Israel peopo!”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
“Cuz I da One goin get you outa trouble in da far place,
I goin take da peopo dat goin come from you
Outa da land wea dey stay prisonas.
Jalike befo time, no mo notting goin bodda da ones dat come from Jacob.
No mo nobody goin make dem come sked no moa.
11 I stay wit you guys
An get you outa trouble.
No matta I wipe out all da odda peopos
Inside all da place you guys stay cuz I wen scatta you,
Fo shua, I no goin wipe out you guys.
I goin punish you guys fo teach you one lesson,
But ony wen you no go da right way.
Still yet, I goin punish you guys litto bit.”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
12 Dis wat Da One In Charge tell da Mount Zion peopo:
“You guys all bus up,
An no mo notting goin make you come good.
Da way da armies wack you,
You goin stay sick, an you no goin come good.
13 No mo nobody fo back you up.
No mo notting goin make da bleeding stop.
No mo nobody can make you come good.
14 All da nations dass was yoa frenz foget you awready.
Dey no give a rip bout you.
I wen wack you jalike I one guy dat stay agains you.
I wen punish you jalike I one mean guy.
Cuz you get da blame fo plenny tings,
All da bad kine stuff you wen do.
15 How come you guys make plenny noise cuz you all bus up?
You hurt, an no goin come good.
Cuz you get da blame fo plenny tings,
Fo da plenny bad tings you wen do,
Az why I do all dis to you.
16 Still yet, erybody dat wipe you out,
I goin wipe dem out too.
Erybody dat stay agains you,
Dey all goin come prisonas an go one far place.
Erybody dat steal stuffs from you,
I goin steal dea stuffs too.
17 But I goin make you guys come good.
An make da places you bleed come good.
Peopo call you guys, ‘Da guys dat no mo place fo go,
Da ones dat go Mount Zion fo pray,
But no mo nobody like take kea dem.’ ”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
18 Dis wat Da One In Charge tell:
“I goin make tings come good one mo time fo da peopo dat come from Jacob.
I goin show love an pity fo dem wea eva dey live.
Dey goin build Jerusalem town one mo time
On top wea da bus up town was befo time.
Dey goin build da palace one mo time dat get strong wall,
An put um wea suppose to stay.
19 From dea, goin get plenny songs dat tell dat I good.
An goin get music fo dance an sing cuz peopo stay good inside.
I goin make dem come mo plenny peopo.
Dey no goin come litto bit peopo.
I goin make peopo show respeck fo dem
An no make any kine to dem.
20 Da peopo dat goin come from dem
Goin be jalike da ones come from befo time.
Da peopo all togedda
Goin stan strong in front me.
I goin punish anybody dat make hard fo dem.
21 Da numba one guy fo dem goin be one a dea guys.
Dea leada guy goin come from dem.
I goin let him come nea me,
An he goin come.
Cuz peopo goin come sked fo come nea me,
If I no tell um, can!”
Az wat Da One In Charge tell.
22 “Az how you guys goin come my peopo,
An me, I goin come yoa God.”
23 Watch out! Wen Da One In Charge come huhu,
Goin be jalike one big storm come.
Stay jalike one tornado dat come
On top da head a da guys dat do real bad kine stuff.
24 Wen Da One In Charge come huhu,
He goin stay huhu
Till he pau eryting he plan fo do.
You guys goin undastan all dis,
Bumbye wen da right time come.

30:10 30:10: Jer 46:27-28