Zofar Talk
Den Zofar from Naamat tell:
“Wen you talk plenny lidis, somebody gotta ansa back you, aah?
Jus cuz you use plenny word, no mean you right!
Wen you talk an talk, maybe you no let odda peopo talk too!
Wen you make fun a somebody, maybe somebody gotta tell you, you wrong!
You tell God, ‘Wat I teach, stay right!
An I neva do notting wrong, da way you see me!’
But I like fo God tell someting,
An tell um to you fo real kine!
I like fo God tell you tings you donno still yet
Bout how fo know wat fo do erytime.
If you wen know dat fo real kine, den you goin undastan
Dat get mo den one way fo tink bout stuff.
But you donno yet!
You goin know dat God wen even foget
Some a da bad tings you wen do.
“You can figga out all da secret kine stuff dat God hide, o wat?!
You can find out eryting Da God Dat Get All Da Powa can do, o wat?!
Mo high den da sky—
Wat you can do bout dat?
Mo deep den da Mahke Peopo Place—
How you goin know bout dat?
Wat God know, measure mo long den da earth,
An mo wide den da ocean!
10 “If God come by you an throw you in prison,
If he make one court an put you in front da judge,
Who goin make him change his mind, aah?
11 Fo shua, God know who da guys dat bulai.
Weneva he see somebody do bad kine stuff,
You tink he donno az wrong, o wat?!
12 But one guy dat no mo brain no can start fo undastan stuff.
Jalike one wild donkey bebe no can be one guy wen he born.
13 “But if you make yoa mind ready fo tink,
An put out yoa hands fo pray to God,
14 If you go an do someting wrong, no do um no moa!
An no let nobody stay inside yoa tents
Dat no do wat stay right.
15 Den you can show face, an no shame.
You goin stan solid, an no sked.
16 Fo shua you goin foget all yoa trouble.
An tink bout um ony jalike az watta dat flow by you awready.
17 Den all yoa life goin stay good,
Jalike wen da sun shine noon time.
Even da dark tings goin come bright jalike morning.
18 You know you can wait fo God, az why you trus him.
You goin look aroun an res, an notting bad goin happen to you.
19 You goin lay down, an nobody goin make you come sked.
Plenny peopo goin make nice to you.
20 But da peopo dat do bad kine stuff,
Dea eyes no goin see wass happening.
No way dey goin get outa trouble.
Da ony ting dey wait fo, az da las time dey breave.”