Job Ansa Back Zofar
Den Job ansa back Zofar lidis:
“Fo shua you guys talk fo all da peopo.
An you guys tink dat afta you mahke, no mo nobody goin know wat fo do erytime!
“But I know how fo tink too!
You guys no can tink mo betta den me.
Da kine stuff you guys tell,
Erybody know all dat awready!
“I wen come one guy dat all my frenz laugh at,
No matta befo time I wen call out to God an he ansa me.
Now dey laugh at me,
No matta I do wass right an no mo da blame fo dat!
Peopo dat get eryting dey need,
Dey tink dat wen odda peopo
Get bad tings happen to dem,
Az cuz dey no good peopo.
Az why da peopo dat no need worry,
Make fun a da peopo dat get trouble,
An make um fall down.
Eryting stay quiet inside da tents
Wea da guys live dat like bus up eryting.
An inside da tents wea da guys live
Dat make God come huhu,
No mo nobody bodda dem.
Az jalike dey carry dea idol kine gods wit dem.
“You guys can even aks da animals, an dey goin teach you.
Aks da birds dat fly in da sky, an dey goin tell you.
O squawk to da earth, an da earth goin teach you.
O let da fish inside da ocean tell you.
Dey all know dat Da One In Charge use his powa
Fo make all dese tings happen!
10 Eryting dat stay alive, God hold um inside his hand.
An all da peopo dat breave, same ting.
11 Peopo use dea ears fo tes wat odda peopo tell, good o bad,
Jalike dey use dea mout fo tes food, good o bad.
12 Da ol peopo know wat fo do erytime.
Cuz dey stay live long time,
Dey can tell you wass good fo you do,
An dey undastan plenny stuff.
13 “Da One In Charge, he da One know wat fo do erytime.
He get plenny powa.
He da One tell peopo wass da bestes ting fo dem do.
He undastan plenny stuff.
14 Fo shua, wateva he bus up, nobody can build um one mo time.
If he put somebody inside da prison, nobody can let dem go.
15 If Da One In Charge hold back da watta, eryting come dry.
If he let go da watta, da watta make flood ova da land.
16 He strong an he know how fo come da winna!
He get powa ova da guys dat odda peopo bulai.
An he get powa ova da bulaia guys too!
17 He lead away da guys dat tell da king guys wass good fo dem do,
An he take dem away barefeet cuz dey prisonas.
He make da judge guys come pupule.
18 God take da fancy belt off king guys fo show dey not one king no moa,
An put one malo on dem fo show dey ony worka guys now.
19 He lead away da pries guys.
An he take dem away barefeet cuz dey prisonas too.
He ovathrow da guys dat get powa from long time.
20 Da guys dat da leadas trus fo tell um wass good fo dem do,
He make um fo dem no can talk.
He make um fo da older leadas fo dem donno
Wass good an wass bad.
21 He laugh at da alii guys.
He take away da powa dat da strong guys get fo fight.
22 Da tings dat stay hide jalike dey in da dark, God show wat dey mean.
He make shua dey know da tings dat nobody know.
Dey stay jalike dey inside da deep shadows,
But he shine light on top dem.
23 God make some peopos come importan, o he wipe um out.
He make peopos take mo plenny land, o he scatta um.
24 He make um so da leada guys fo da peopos all ova da world
No can tink.
He make um stagga aroun inside one wasted land
Dat stay all hamajang an no mo road.
25 Dey try feel wea fo go inside da dark.
No mo light ova dea.
He make dem stagga aroun jalike dey piloot.”