Job Like Show Proof
He Neva Do Notting Wrong
“You know, all dis stuff you guys tell, I see um awready.
I hear all dis stuff awready, an I undastan um.
Da stuff you guys know, I know um too.
You guys no can figga mo betta den me!
But me, I like talk strait to Da God Dat Get All Da Powa.
I like show proof I neva do notting wrong.
But you guys, you bulai fo cova up da trut!
All you guys jalike doctas dat good fo notting!
Da bestes way fo you guys show how you know wat fo do erytime,
Az fo you guys shut up!
Try lissen how I goin argue.
Lissen up how I goin talk jalike one lawya guy.
You guys tink you goin help God
Wen you tell stuff dass not right, o wat?!
You guys goin bulai fo God, o wat?!
You guys goin make nice nice to him fo him goin do wat you like, o wat?!
You guys goin make jalike lawyas fo him, o wat?!
You guys tink you goin come out good if he aks you guys questions, o wat?!
You guys tink you can bulai him jalike you bulai peopo, o wat?!
10 Fo shua, he goin scold you guys
If you make mo nice to him den to me,
An you no tell nobody az wat you stay do.
11 He stay real importan, an dat goin make you guys sked.
Den he goin make you guys come mo sked still yet.
12 You guys no foget tings da ol peopo tell, but az worth notting, jalike ashes.
Wen you guys argue, easy fo tell you wrong,
Jalike easy fo broke one clay pot.
13 “Shut up, an let me talk!
Den let wateva goin happen to me, happen!
14 How come I tell, ‘Wateva goin happen, let um happen!’?
How come I almos get kill?
15 Maybe God goin kill me! Maybe I no mo notting fo wait fo!
Still yet, I goin show proof in front him, how come I live da way I live.
16 An den, da ting dat goin get me outa trouble,
Goin be lidis: If get somebody dat ack jalike God no matta
Dey no goin try fo go in front him!
17 “An one mo ting, you guys—
Lissen up real good wat I goin tell you now!
18 Look, I stay ready fo tell how come I stay right.
Fo shua God goin tell me I okay!
19 Get somebody goin poin finga me, o wat?
If dey make lidat, den I goin stay quiet an mahke.
20 “Eh God! Ony do dese two tings fo me,
An den I no goin need hide from you.
21 Numba one: No punish me no moa!
Numba two: No make me sked no moa!
22 Den call me, an I goin ansa you.
O I talk firs, an den you can talk.
23 Wat kine wrong an bad kine tings I wen do?
Tell me wat I wen do agains you!
24 How come you hide yoa face?
How come you ack jalike I agains you?
25 You goin make me shake, o wat?!
Jalike I one leaf dat da wind goin blow away?
You goin chase afta da dry junk kine stuffs
Dat da wind blow away, o wat?!
26 You write down poison kine tings agains me!
You make me suffa fo bad tings I wen do wen I was real young!
27  13:27: Job 33:11You lock my feets inside da wood shackles.
You watch ery place I go.
You put one mark on da bottom a my feets.
28 “Peopo stay come poho jalike someting rotten!
Jalike da puka in da clotheses dat da moth wen eat.”

13:27 13:27: Job 33:11