Job Tell, Peopo No Live Long Time
“Us peopo, us all born from oua muddahs.
Us live ony short time
An get mo plenny trouble inside den us can handle.
Us grow jalike one flowa, an den quick, us come all dry up.
Us jalike one shadow dat disappea right den an dea,
An no stay.
God, you goin look at even one a dat kine peopo? No way!
You goin bring me in front you an judge me? Not even!
Wen get somebody dat no mo da right fo go in front you,
No mo nobody can give um dat right, ony you.
God, you make up yoa mind awready,
How long us goin stay on top da earth.
You figga how many month one guy get.
You make up yoa mind how long,
An us no can stay mo time den dat.
So look away from us guys, an bag from us.
Jalike us goin stay da time somebody pay us fo work,
An afta, us goin go home an feel good.
“Fo shua, you can wait an see wat happen wit one tree.
Somebody cut um down, still yet da tree goin grow one mo time.
An da shoots dat come up, no goin come dry.
Maybe da roots goin grow ol inside da groun,
An da stump goin start fo mahke inside da dirt.
But if get even litto bit watta, da new shoot goin come one mo time.
Da tree goin put out branches jalike one young plant.
10 But peopo, wen dey start fo mahke,
Dey come weak an breave da las time.
An den, wea dey stay?!
11 Jalike da watta dry up from one lake,
O da place wea one riva start fo come dry, den come all dry,
12 Az how peopo lay down an no get up no moa.
Dey no goin wake up till da end a da world.
Dey goin ony stay sleep.
13 “I wen like fo you hide me inside da Mahke Peopo Place.
An hide me dea till you no stay huhu wit me no moa!
I wen like fo you make one time fo me stay dea,
An den you no foget me.
14 If one guy mahke, he goin come alive one mo time, o wat?!
If can, den all da time dat I gotta suffa,
Az okay fo me fo wait, fo da time I no goin suffa no moa.
15 If az how, den you goin like see me, da guy you wen make.
You goin call, an I goin ansa you.
16 Fo shua you goin take kea me, ery step dat I walk,
You no goin watch me jus fo see if I jam up someting.
17 Jalike you goin put all da wrong tings I do
Inside one bag dat you put one seal on top um,
An cova ova all da bad kine stuff I wen do.
18 “But you know, even mountains fall down an come small stones,
An big rocks move from one place to anodda,
19 An da watta poun da stones fo make um come small,
An da storms wash away da dirt.
Az wat you do to peopo,
So dey no trus an wait fo you no moa.
20 You mo strong den peopo.
You win ova dem all da time,
An dey mahke die dead.
You make dea mahke face look all hamajang. Den you sen um away.
21 If peopo show respeck fo da mahke peopo boys, da mahke peopo donno notting bout dat.
If peopo tink da mahke peopo boys not importan, da mahke peopo donno notting bout dat too.
22 Da mahke guy, he ony feel da hurt inside his body.
Ony him stay sad inside!”