Elihu Talk Fo Real Kine To Job
“Kay den, Job, lissen wat I goin tell you!
Try lissen good, ery word!
I ready fo talk.
I know wat I gotta tell.
Wat I tell, show dat inside, I tink da right way.
I tell wat I know, an notting wrong bout dat.
Da Spirit from God wen make me.
Da God Wit All Da Powa, wen he breave, he make me stay alive.
Eh Job, if you can argue wit me, den tell me.
You gotta show proof an talk wit me in my face.
Eh! I jalike you, da way God see me.
He wen make me outa dirt too.
No need you come sked a me!
I not goin come down hard on you.
“But you wen tell dis,
An I hear eryting you tell:
‘Me, I stay clean an no do notting bad.
I no mo da blame fo notting.
10 But you know wat?
God wen find stuff he tell I get blame fo.
He tink I agains him.
11  33:11: Job 13:27He put one leg chain on my feets.
He watch me ery place I go!’
12 “But I goin tell you dat you no stay right bout dat,
Cuz God mo big den peopo.
13 How come you squawk to him?
Cuz he no ansa nobody dat argue wit him!
14 Cuz fo real, God talk—
He can tell someting one way, an den anodda way,
No matta peopo donno az God stay talking to dem.
15  33:15: Job 4:13Wen da peopo pass out sleep on top dea beds,
God use dreams, o someting jalike one dream nite time.
16 Dass wen God tell peopo stuff dey donno.
Dass how he make shua dey no foget how he tell dem fo watch out.
17 He do dat fo turn peopo away from da kine stuff dey do.
He no let dem get big head.
18 Dass how he make shua dey no fall down inside da Deep Dark Hole.
He help dem no mahke from swords.
19 Get one time wen God make peopo come sick.
He make um stay in bed an suffa.
Dea body stay hurt all da time,
But dass how he teach um someting.
20 Da sick guy no like eat notting,
Not even da bestes kine food, notting.
21 His body come real skinny.
No matta no can see his bones befo,
Now dey stick out.
22 His spirit come nea da Deep Dark Hole.
He alive, but da killa spirits stay wait fo him.
23 “Maybe da sick guy get one angel messenja guy by him,
One helpa guy dat talk fo him.
God get tousans a messenja guys
Fo tell peopo wass right fo dem do, you know.
24 Da messenja stay dea fo give chance to da sick guy, an tell God,
‘Okay fo let um go! No need fo him go down inside da Deep Dark Hole!
I wen find da way fo get him outa trouble.’
25 Den da guy dat was sick,
His body goin come new jalike one small kid.
Jalike wen he was young.
26 He tell God wat he need, an God like um cuz he do dat.
He come in front God, an yell cuz he stay good inside.
God bring him back
Fo him get um right wit God, jalike befo time.
27 Den da guy go in front erybody an tell,
‘I wen do bad kine stuff.
I wen jam up wat stay right.
But God neva punish me fo pay me back!
28 God wen pay da price,
So I no need go inside da Deep Dark Hole!
An I goin stay alive fo see da light!’
29 “Fo real, God do all dis fo one guy.
He even do um two-three time.
30 He do um fo bring back da guy from da Deep Dark Hole.
Fo him live fo real kine
Jalike da light shine on top him.
31 “Kay den, Job! lissen good!
No talk! I da one goin talk.
32 If you get someting fo tell, den tell me.
Tell me, cuz I like show peopo you get um right.
33 But if you no mo notting fo tell,
Stay quiet, an I goin teach you
How fo know wat fo do erytime.”

33:11 33:11: Job 13:27

33:15 33:15: Job 4:13