Elifaz Talk
Den Elifaz, dat get Teman fo his ancesta, tell Job,
“If I try fo talk to you,
Dat goin make you feel jalike I talk too much, o wat?
But still yet, no ways I can hold back an no tell notting!
Tink how you wen teach plenny peopo.
You make plenny weak peopo come strong.
Wat you wen tell, make da peopo dat fall down, stan up.
You make dea knees dat no stay strait, come strong.
But now da trouble come on you, an you lose fight.
Da trouble reach you, an you come bum out.
Fo shua, you get awesome respeck fo God,
An dat goin make you stay shua.
If you know you no mo blame fo notting,
Az goin help you wait fo God do someting.
Now tink! Erybody dat no do notting wrong,
Dey no mahke.
Da guys dat stay do wass right,
Dey no come wipe out, aah?
I wen watch da guys dat do wass wrong,
An da guys dat make trouble.
Dey erytime get back da same trouble dey wen make.
From his mout God blow, an dey come wipe out.
He come huhu, an dass it fo dem.
10 Da lions make loud noise an growl.
But even da young lions broke dea teet.
11 Wen no mo animals fo kill, da lion mahke,
An da lion bebes stay scatta from dea muddah.
12 “Somebody tell me one secret kine message.
I hear ony one wispa from um.
13  4:13: Job 33:15I wen get skery kine dreams,
Nite time, wen odda guys pass out sleep.
14 I come real sked an shaking.
Make me come sked in my whole body!
15 One spirit fly by my face.
Da hair on top my body stan up!
16 Da ting stop,
But I no can tink wat he look jalike.
Somebody o someting stan in front my face,
An I hear um wispa, real quiet kine:
17 ‘You tink get anybody can do wass right, da way God see um, o wat?
You tink one guy can be clean inside, in front da God dat wen make him, o wat?
18 Fo shua, if God no trus even da ones dat work fo him,
An if he tell his angel messenja guys dey ack pupule kine,
19 Den even mo he goin poin finga
Da peopo dat live inside dese bodies!
Dea bodies jalike one house dey make from clay
Dat get foundation on top da dirt.
Can smash dem mo easy den smash one moth!
20 Dey live ony from da time da sun come up till go down.
An dey come all broke up befo dey pau.
Dey come all wipe out foeva, an nobody know dat.
21 Odda peopo take all dea stuffs,
Jalike somebody pull up all da ropes from dea tent.
Dey mahke, but dey neva learn wat fo do erytime.’ ”

4:13 4:13: Job 33:15