Elifaz Talk Moa
“Yell fo help if you like, but no mo nobody goin ansa back you.
Wat angel messenja guy dat stay spesho ony fo God
you goin aks fo help you?
If one guy do bad kine stuff an no bodda him,
An he come huhu, dat guy goin mahke.
If one guy dat donno wat fo do come jealous, he goin get kill.
I wen see one guy dat do bad kine stuff an no bodda him.
Da guy look jalike he get plenny stuff jalike one tree wit one good root.
But right den an dea I put kahuna on top da house wea he live:
I tell: ‘I like fo his kids stay far from peopo dat can get dem outa trouble!
I like fo da judge go smash dem, an fo no mo nobody help dem!
I like fo da peopo dat stay hungry
Eat up da food dat guy wen plant,
Befo he harves um.
I like dey take da guy food, even wea get thorn fence.
I like fo da greedy peopo go afta da rich kine stuffs he get.’
But you know, wen somebody do wass bad,
Dat no come outa da dirt.
Wen get trouble, dat no grow outa da groun.
Fo shua, peopo goin get trouble from da time dey born.
Jalike fo shua, da sparks from one fire goin fly up.
“But you know, if was me,
I wen aks God fo show me wat fo do.
I wen tell him my problem, fo him take kea me.
God do awesome kine stuff dat nobody can tink.
He do unreal kine stuff, mo den can count.
10 He da One sen da rain on top da earth,
An sen watta on top da countryside.
11 He make da peopo dat not importan come importan.
He rescue da peopo dat stay sad inside.
12  5:12: 1Cor 3:19Da sly guys make one plan, but God jam um up,
Wateva dey make wit dea hands, no come out da way dey figga.
13 He use da plan dat da akamai guys make,
Fo trap dem.
Wen da smart guys tink dey goin do someting,
God make um happen too fas fo come out good.
14 Day time, eryting come dark aroun da akamai guys, ova an ova.
Noon time dey no can see, an gotta feel wea fo go, jalike was nite time.
15 Da peopo dat get plenny powa,
Wen dey talk, can hurt you jalike one sword.
But God, he get da peopo dat no mo notting
Outa trouble from da strong guys.
16 Den da guys dat no mo notting can trus God an wait.
Da guys dat do wass wrong no can open dea mout.
17  5:17: Smart 3:11-12; Heb 12:5-6“Wen peopo jam up,
An God tell um wat was da right ting fo dem do,
Dey can stay good inside.
Az why, no come huhu wen Da God Dat Get All Da Powa
Punish you fo teach you someting!
18  5:18: Hos 6:1Cuz he can hurt you, but he put bandage on you too.
He can wack you, but he touch you an make you come good too.
19 He goin get you outa trouble foeva.
Even da worse time, notting bad goin happen to you.
20 Wen no mo food, he goin do wat he gotta do so you no mahke.
Wen get war, he goin proteck you from da swords.
21 He goin take kea you wen peopo talk bad bout you.
You no need come sked wen peopo like bus you up.
22 Wen peopo like wipe you out, o wen no mo notting fo eat,
You no need worry, cuz you know az ony manini kine stuff.
You no need stay sked a da wild animals.
23 Cuz you goin get one deal wit da stones inside da field.
Da wild animals goin stay good wit you.
24 You goin know dat eryting stay good wea you live.
You goin check out all yoa sheep fences,
An dey all goin stay dea.
25 You goin know dat you get plenny kids.
Da ones dat goin come from you goin be plenny,
Jalike da grass on top da groun.
26 Wen you mahke, you still goin be strong,
Jalike peopo harves food da bestes time,
An bring um in fo keep um.
27 You know, us guys wen find out eryting bout all dis stuff, an dass how stay fo shua.
So lissen up, fo you know fo real kine.”

5:12 5:12: 1Cor 3:19

5:17 5:17: Smart 3:11-12; Heb 12:5-6

5:18 5:18: Hos 6:1