Trus Da One In Charge
Wen I talk to my boy, I tell um,
“Da rules I stay teach you,
Neva eva foget um.
Da tings I stay tell you you gotta do,
Learn um real good,
So all dat goin stay inside you.
Den bumbye you goin live long time,
You goin get plenny year fo do plenny stuff,
An eryting goin go good fo you.
Make shua you stay tight wit yoa good frenz
An show love an aloha erytime.
Make shua peopo can trus you.
You make lidat all da time,
Dat make you look good,
Jalike wen you put on one jewelry on yoa neck.
Learn da Rules from God real good,
Fo you no foget um an you keep um inside you.
Cuz inside, az jalike one book
An you stay write inside um.
3:4: Luke 2:52An God, he like wen you do all dat,
An peopo same ting dey like dat.
An bumbye, erybody goin know you one good guy,
An God, he goin know dat too.
“No tink if you know eryting, dass all you need.
Mo betta if you go all out fo trus Da One In Charge.
Wateva you do, tink bout God an wat he like you fo do,
Den he goin make shua notting goin jam you up.
3:7: Rome 12:16“No get big head cuz you tink you real smart
An know wat fo do erytime.
Mo betta you stay sked a Da One In Charge,
Fo stay away from bad kine stuff.
So den, bumbye yoa body goin come good jalike befo time,
An yoa bones goin come strong too.
“Go show erybody dat you get awesome respeck fo Da One In Charge.
Wat you do wit all da tings you get,
An how you give da Boss da bestes stuff,
Da stuff you harves firs from all da food dat grow on top yoa land,
All dat goin show you get respeck fo him.
10 So den bumbye, Da One In Charge goin fill up yoa storage house
Wit plenny food,
An all da big barrels you get,
No goin hold all da wine Da One In Charge goin give you.”
Wen Da One In Charge Punish You
11  3:11: Job 5:17 3:11: Heb 12:5-6I tell my boy, “No tink dass wase time
Wen Da One In Charge tell you tings fo make you learn!
No get wild
Wen he presha you fo do da right ting!
12  3:12: JShow 3:19Cuz anybody dat Da One In Charge love,
He goin put presha on dem fo teach dem,
Jalike one faddah guy do
Wen he get love an aloha fo his boy.”
Song Fo Know Wat Fo Do
13 Wen somebody get da smarts
Fo know wat fo do erytime,
An learn how fo undastan stuff,
Dey can stay good inside!
14 Wen you know wat fo do,
Az mo betta den plenny silva!
Wen you undastan stuff,
Dat goin give you someting mo betta den plenny gold!
15 Da kine worth mo plenny den jewel stones.
All da odda tings dat you like fo real kine,
No even come close,
Dat kine smarts mo betta.
16 Wen you know wat fo do erytime,
You goin live long time,
An get plenny stuffs an plenny respeck too.
17 Wen you know wat fo do,
Eryting goin come all nice fo you,
An eryting go good fo you.
18 Wen you go all out fo know wat fo do erytime,
Az jalike one tree dat get fruits
Dat can make you live long time.
An wen you try hard fo learn wat fo do an hang in dea,
Good tings goin happen to you.
God, He Know Wat Fo Do Erytime
19 Da One In Charge, he know wat fo do erytime,
An dass how come he make da world da right way.
He wen put da sky wea he like
Cuz he undastan da right way fo do um.
20 God know plenny stuff,
An dass how he can make da big watta bus outa da stone,
Da watta from da deep places undaneat.
An he can make da dew come down from da clouds too,
Litto bit litto bit at one time.
Know Wat Fo Do Fo No Cheat Nobody
21 “Eh my boy! Make shua you try hard an no foget
Dat you gotta know how fo handle,
An tink firs so you know wat fo do.
22 You do dat, an inside, you goin live fo real kine,
An you goin be da kine guy dat erybody like,
Jalike you get one nice lei on yoa neck.
23 Any place you go, you no need worry
You goin bus yoa toe, notting.
24 Wen you lay down, you no goin come sked,
An wen you go sleep, you goin sleep real good.
25 So den you no need come sked an shake all ova.
Wen da peopo dat do bad kine stuff get big trouble all one time,
You no need worry.
26 Cuz Da One In Charge, he goin be
Da One you can trus,
He goin watch you wea you walk
Fo da trap no catch yoa feet.
27 “Wen you gotta do someting fo help somebody,
No hold back if you get da powa fo do um.
28 No tell yoa fren,
‘Eh, come back tomorra, bumbye I give you,’
But you get da ting right dea awready.
29 Wen get one guy dat stay trus you
Cuz he live same place nea you,
No make one plan fo do bad kine stuff to da guy.
30 If one guy neva do notting to you,
No make argue jus fo make argue.
31 No good you tink, ‘I like come jalike da guys dat like bus up erybody!’
No make jalike dem, az not da right way.
32 Cuz Da One In Charge, he no like crooked kine peopo,
Dey make him sick.
But da peopo dat stay do wass right,
Dey stay his good frenz.”
33 Da peopo dat stay do bad tings,
Da One In Charge promise fo punish all dea ohana,
But da peopo dat stay do wass right,
He make eryting come good wea dey stay.
34  3:34: James 4:6; 1Pet 5:5Wen get guys ack jalike odda peopo junk,
God make jalike dey junk too.
But da peopo dat erytime go las,
He make dem so erybody like dem.
35 Da peopo dat know wat fo do erytime,
Dey goin get plenny respeck.
But az diffren, fo da stupid guys wit attitude.
Shame, dass all dey goin get.

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