Da Faddah Tell His Boys Fo Lissen Up
Eh my kids! Lissen up.
I goin tell you how you suppose to ack.
Go come ova hea fo learn
An undastan wat fo do.
Cuz I stay teach you guys good kine stuff.
So you no foget da rules I tell you.
Small kid time, same ting jalike you guys,
I get my faddah fo teach me,
An my muddah, she love me,
Cuz was ony me dat time.
My faddah, he wen show me
Wat I suppose to do.
He tell me dis:
“Good yoa head keep da tings I tell.
Do da tings I tell you fo do,
Den you can live fo real kine.
Go get da smarts fo know wat fo do,
An fo undastan stuff.
Da tings I tell, no foget um,
An no go way from dem.
No make deaf ear fo learn wat fo do,
Cuz bumbye dass wat goin take kea a you.
You gotta fo real kine like wat you learn,
Fo stay outa trouble.
You like come da kine guy
Dat know wat fo do erytime?
Dis, da numba one ting:
Go all out fo learn wat fo do erytime,
An eryting you learn,
Make shua you undastan um.
If you tink fo learn wat fo do erytime da main ting,
You goin come real importan.
If you go all out fo learn wat fo do,
Jalike one guy go all out fo hug da wahine he love,
Den peopo goin get plenny respeck fo you.
Wen you know wat fo do erytime,
Dass jalike you get one nice lei on top yoa head,
O jalike you get one awesome gold crown.”
Stay On Top Da Right Road
10 Eh my boy, lissen an keep wat I tell you.
Az how you can live long time.
11 I stay teach you da right way
Fo go an know wat fo do.
I put you on top da right track
Fo help you go strait.
12 Wen you walk aroun,
No goin get notting
Fo make um hard fo walk.
Even wen you run,
You no goin get hard time fo run.
13 I stay teach you wass right,
So hang in dea.
No go way from dat teaching.
You betta stick wit um,
Cuz az how you goin live fo real kine.
14 No even try fo live da same way
Jalike da kine peopo do dat da judge goin punish.
No stay go da same way da bad kine peopo go.
15 Foget um awready, no go dea.
Go way from dat kine stuff,
An go da odda side.
16 Dat kine peopo,
Dey no can go sleep,
Dey gotta do someting bad firs!
Da sleep no come,
Till dey make somebody do someting bad!
17 Fo dem, az easy fo do bad kine stuff,
Az jalike easy fo dem eat food.
Wen dey bus up peopo,
Az good fun fo dem,
Az jalike good fun fo dem drink wine.
18 But fo da peopo dat do wass right erytime,
Eryting come mo an mo betta fo dem,
Jalike early morning time get ony litto bit light,
Den come mo an mo strong till come day time.
19 Fo da peopo dat stay do bad kine stuff,
Da way dey go, jalike stay real dark yet.
Dey donno wat make dem fall down.
Make Jalike I Stay Teach You
20 Eh my boy! Lissen wat I stay tell you!
Lissen up now, so you know wat I tell.
21 Read um plenny time,
No stop, make shua nobody stop you,
So wat you read stay inside you
An you tink bout um all da time.
22 Cuz da peopo dat find da stuff I stay tell,
Dey come alive fo real kine cuz a dat,
An dea body come good, same time.
No Bulai
23 Da ting is, you gotta fo real kine make shua
An watch out how you tink.
Cuz da way you tink,
Dass how you goin live fo eryting you do.
24 Throw way all da crooked kine talk.
No good you tell one ting an go do anodda ting.
Throw out all dat kine talk, eryting!
25 Make shua you ony look wea you suppose to go,
Look strait in front you all da time, no go spock odda stuff.
26  4:26: Heb 12:13Go make one strait road fo walk,
Fo you no worry you goin fall down.
27 No go way from dat good road,
No go right side o lef side.
If get any place wea you can do bad kine stuff,
You betta go da odda way!

4:26 4:26: Heb 12:13