Da Sad Song
Da Sad Song Bout Jerusalem
Jerusalem town stay all empty!
Befo time get plenny peopo dea.
Befo time, Jerusalem was jalike one importan lady,
But now, come jalike one widow!
Befo time, from all da districks,
Jerusalem was jalike dea princess,
But now, jalike one slave!
Jerusalem jalike one wahine dat stay cry real hard nite time.
Get tears all ova da cheeks.
Jalike befo time get plenny guys dat get love an aloha fo her,
But now, no mo nobody fo make her feel mo betta.
Jalike all her frenz sell her out.
Jalike dey go agains her.
Da Judah peopo come prisonas an go far away,
Afta dey get hard time an gotta work real hard.
Dey live wit diffren kine peopos.
Dey no mo place fo res.
All da peopo dat chase dem
Catch dem up wen dey get hard time.
Da roads dat go Mount Zion, jalike dey stay sad,
Cuz no mo nobody go da spesho religious ceremonies.
All da town gates, no mo nobody dea.
Da pries guys moan.
Da young wahines stay sad,
Jalike Mount Zion stay suffa plenny.
Da peopo dat stay agains da Zion peopo inside Jerusalem come dea bosses.
Now da bosses get one easy life!
Da One In Charge make da Zion peopo stay sad inside,
Cuz dey wen go agains him.
Da Zion kids come prisonas an go far away.
Dey stay prisonas fo da guys dat wen stay agains dem.
All da awesome stuff dat da Zion peopo get befo time, gone awready.
Da princes stay jalike one deer dat no mo notting fo eat.
Dey stay too weak fo run away
From da hunta guys dat chase um.
Wen da Jerusalem peopo get hard time an donno wea dey going,
Dey no foget all da rich kine stuffs dey get befo time.
Wen da guys dat wen fight da Jerusalem peopo catch um,
No mo nobody help dem.
Wen da guys dat wen fight dem look da town,
Dey laugh cuz da Jerusalem peopo come wipe out.
Da Jerusalem peopo wen do plenny bad kine stuff.
Dey come pilau an no can go in front God.
All da peopo dat wen show respeck fo dem,
Now dose peopo make to dem jalike dey no worth notting.
Az jalike da Jerusalem peopo stay naked.
Dey moan an dey stay plenny shame.
Dey get da blame fo da bad kine stuff dey do.
Az jalike if one wahine get blood on her skirts from her time ery month,
Cuz she no tink bout wat goin happen bumbye.
Da Jerusalem peopo, dey no tink bout wat goin happen to dem
Cuz a da bad kine stuff dey stay do!
Da wahine fall down, an dey drop dea jaws.
No mo nobody can make her feel mo betta.
She tell, “Eh! You Da One In Charge! Try look da hard time us guys get!
Cuz da peopo dat stay agains us win awready!”
10 Da guys dat stay agains us Jerusalem peopo
Wen grab all oua rich kine stuffs!
Dey see da odda peopos dat donno you, God,
Da ones you tell no can go inside da place
Dat stay spesho fo you.
11 All dea peopo moan wen dey stay look fo food.
Dey trade dea rich kine stuffs fo food fo dem stay alive.
Dey tell, “Look, Da One In Charge!
Tink bout wass happening, cuz dey tink I no good!”
12 “Eh! All you guys dat stay go by hea,
You guys no kea, o wat?!
Look aroun an see.
No mo nobody stay suffa jalike I stay suffa.
Da One In Charge bring dis hard time on top me,
Wen he come real huhu.
13 “From da sky he sen fire
Down inside my bones.
He spread one net fo catch my feets,
An make me turn an go back.
He make me come all wipe out,
Ready fo pass out all day.
14 “Da One In Charge take all da bad tings I wen do,
An tie um togedda fo come one yoke
Dat stay on top my neck.
He make me come weak.
I no can win ova da strong guys.
He give me to dem.
15 “Da Boss laugh at all da strong leadas aroun me.
He call one army fo fight me,
Fo smash my young guys.
Da Boss walk all ova da Judah peopo,
Jalike he step da grapes fo make wine.
16 “Dass why I stay cry plenny.
No mo nobody stay nea fo make me feel mo betta.
No mo nobody stay hea fo make me come strong inside.
My kids, no mo notting.
Cuz da peopo dat stay agains us guys win awready!”
17 Da Zion peopo put out dea hands,
But no mo nobody stay fo make dem feel mo betta.
Da One In Charge tell dat fo da peopo dat come from Jacob,
Da peopo dat live nea dem goin stay agains dem.
Fo dose peopo, Jerusalem goin be jalike one pilau rag.
18 Da Jerusalem peopo tell: “Da One In Charge do da right kine ting erytime.
But I wen go agains wat he tell me fo do.
Lissen, all you peopos!
Look how I suffa.
My young guys an wahines
Wen come prisonas an go one far place.
19 “I call out to da peopo I get love an aloha fo,
But da way dey ack, no can trus um!
My pries guys an my older leadas mahke inside Jerusalem,
Wen dey stay look fo food
Fo dem stay alive.
20 “Eh! Da One In Charge!
Look how I stay bum out!
I stay suffa inside.
I stay lose fight.
Cuz I wen go agains you fo real kine.
Outside in da street, da army guys kill da peopo.
Inside da house, peopo mahke.
21 “Peopo hear me moan,
But no mo nobody come fo make me feel mo betta.
All da peopo dat stay agains me wen hear I get trouble,
An dey dance an sing cuz a wat you, Da One In Charge, wen do.
I like you make da tings happen dat you wen promise goin happen,
Fo dem suffa jalike I suffa!
22 “I like you see all da bad kine stuff dey do.
Pay um back hard!
Jalike you wen pay me back hard,
Fo all da stuff I wen do agains you.
I stay moan plenny,
An I stay weak an sad inside.”