Jesus Make One Guy
Wit Bad Kine Spirits Come Good
(Matthew 8:28-34; Luke 8:26-39)
Afta dat, Jesus dem go da odda side a da lake wea da Gerasa peopo stay. Wen Jesus get outa da boat, one guy dat get one bad kine spirit dat wen take ova him come from da graveyard. He erytime stay inside da graveyard. Da bad spirit make him real strong. Az why nobody tie him up, not even wit chains. Befo time, dey wen tie da guy hand an feet plenny times wit da chains, but he wen bus um. Nobody stay strong enuff fo hold da guy down. Nite time an day time, da guy erytime yell from da graveyard, an da hills, an cut his body wit stones.
Wen da guy see Jesus far away, he run an go down in front him. 7-8 Jesus tell him, “Let go da guy, you bad kine spirit you!” Da guy yell real loud, “Wat you like do to me, Jesus? Da God Dass Mo Importan Den All Da Odda Gods, you his Boy! Promise to God you no goin make me suffa!”
Den Jesus tell um, “Eh, wat yoa name?” An da bad kine spirit tell him, “My name ‘Army,’ cuz us guys, we uku pile a spirits!”
10 Da spirit beg Jesus plenny times, “Eh, no sen us outa dis place!”
11 On da odda side a da hill, get one big pig farm, an da pigs stay grinding. 12 Da bad kine spirits beg Jesus, “Sen us inside da pigs! Us like take ova dem.”
13 Jesus tell um, “Go!” So da bad spirits let go da guy, an take ova da pigs. Get bout two tousan pigs ova dea. An you know wat? All da pigs run down one steep hill an fall ova one cliff above da lake, an drown inside da watta.
14 Den da pig guys run inside da town an all da place aroun dea an tell erybody wat wen happen. All da peopo from da town go fo see.
15 Wen dey come by Jesus, dey spock da guy dat befo get da uku pile a bad kine spirits dat wen take ova him. He look diffren now. He all dress up, an not pupule no moa. Az why da peopo come real sked. 16 Da odda guys dat see wat wen happen, dey tell da peopo wat happen to da guy wit da bad kine spirits an da pigs. 17 Den da peopo start fo beg Jesus fo go way from dea.
18 Wen Jesus climb inside da boat, da guy dat da bad kine spirits wen take ova befo time tell, “Try let me go wit you.”
19 But Jesus tell, “No. Go home to yoa ohana, an tell dem all da good kine stuff Da One In Charge wen do fo you. He pity you an give you chance.” 20 So da guy go way, an tell erybody in da Ten Towns wat Jesus wen do fo him. An wat he tell all da peopo, dat blow dea mind.
Jairus, Da Leada Guy
(Matthew 9:18-26; Luke 8:40-56)
21 Den Jesus come back in da boat to da odda side a da lake. An plenny peopo come aroun him wen he still nea da lake. 22 One leada guy from da Jew church, Jairus, come dea. He spock Jesus, an go down on his knees by Jesus feets 23 an beg him plenny, “Eh, my litto girl, she ony twelve year ol, an she litto mo mahke. Try come put yoa hand on top her, fo her come good an stay alive!” 24 So Jesus go wit Jairus. An all da peopo go wit Jesus. Dey choke plenny, az why dey push aroun him.
Jesus Make One Sick Wahine Come Good
25 Get one wahine wit da peopo. She stay bleed fo twelve year. 26 She suffa plenny, no matta plenny doctas wen try make her good. She wen spen all her money, but she neva come good. She come mo worse. 27 She hear bout Jesus, so she come behind him wit all da peopo aroun him, an she touch his clotheses. 28 She tink, “If I ony touch his clotheses, I goin come good one mo time.” 29 Right den an dea her bleeding pau, an she no suffa no moa.
30 Same time, Jesus feel powa go outa him. He turn aroun an look all da peopo. He tell, “Eh, who wen touch my clotheses?”
31 His guys tell, “How come you tell dat? Get uku pile a peopo stay pushing aroun you. But you tell ‘Who touch me?’ ” 32 Jesus look aroun fo see who wen touch him.
33 Da wahine, she know wat wen happen to her. She sked an shaking. She go down by Jesus feets, an tell him da whole story.
34 An Jesus tell her, “Sistah, you wen trus me. Dass why you come good. Go now, notting goin bodda you. An you no goin suffa no moa.”
Jesus Make Jairus Girl Come Good
35 Jesus still stay talking, an some guys come from Jairus house, da leada guy fo da Jew church. Dey tell him, “Yoa litto girl mahke! Mo betta you no bodda da teacha no moa.”
36 But Jesus no lissen dem. He tell Jairus, “No sked. Ony trus me.”
37 Jesus ony let Peter, James, an James braddah John go wit him. 38 Dey come Jairus house. Jesus see all da peopo an hear um stay making big noise an crying. 39 He go inside an tell, “Eh, how come you guys stay making big noise an crying? Da girl neva mahke, her ony stay sleeping.”
40 Dey laugh at him. So he chase um all outside, an take da girl faddah an muddah, an his three guys, an dey go inside da room wea da girl stay. 41 He take da girl hand an tell her, “Talita kum,” Dat mean, “Eh! Litto girl, stan up!” Aramaic language.
42 Right den an dea her stan up an walk aroun! An da peopo, right den an dea, dea jaws drop. 43 Den he tell um, “You guys betta not tell nobody bout dis! Now go make her someting fo eat.”