Da Nehemiah Story
Nehemiah Pray Fo His Peopo
Dis da Nehemiah story. Nehemiah tell bout wat wen happen to him. He Hakaliah boy. He tell dis:
Nehemiah Tink Plenny Bout Jerusalem
Artaxerxes was king inside Persia. Was Novemba, da numba 20 year dat he stay king. Dat time, I stay live inside Susa town. Az da main town wea da king live. One a my braddahs, Hanani, come fo visit me ova dea wit some odda guys dat jus come back from da Judah land. I aks dem bout Jerusalem town, an bout da Jew guys dat da Babylon army wen go take Babylon side befo time, an now dey go back Judah side fo live. Dey tell me, “Da Babylon king wen take away oua peopo from dea land an bring um ova hea Babylon side. Laytas, plenny peopo wen go back Jerusalem side fo live inside Judah. But tings no stay good ova dea you know. Cuz stay real hard fo dem, an da odda peopos ova dea stay make dem plenny shame. Da Babylon army guys wen broke down da strong wall aroun Jerusalem town, an burn down da gates.
“Wen I hear dis, I sit down an cry plenny. Fo days I stay cry, an no eat notting so can pray. I stay pray in front da God dat live inside da sky.”
Dis wat I tell: “You Da One In Charge, you da God dat live inside da sky! You da big an awesome God. You wen make one deal fo da peopo dat get love an aloha fo you, da ones dat stay do wat you tell um fo do. An you stay tight wit yoa peopo cuz you wen make dat deal wit dem. Try look down hea. I stay pray day time an nite time fo you help yoa peopo, da Israel peopo. I stay tell you fo real kine, us Israel peopo wen do plenny bad kine tings agains you. Me an all my ohana peopo, us do bad kine tings! We stay do real bad kine tings agains you. We no do da tings you stay tell us fo do. You wen give yoa worka guy Moses yoa Rules an all da tings we gotta do, but we no do um.
1:8: Pries 26:33“No foget wat you wen tell yoa worka guy Moses. You tell um: ‘If da way you guys ack show I no can trus you, den I goin make you guys scatta all ova da place fo live unda all da diffren peopos. 1:9: Rules2 30:1-5But if you guys come back an change how you ack, be my guys, an stay do all da tings I tell you gotta do, den I goin bring you guys back. I goin bring you guys togedda ova dea, da place I wen pick fo show wat kine god me fo you guys show respeck fo me. No matta you guys stay far place all ova da world, I goin bring you guys back!’
10 “All us guys, we get you fo oua boss. Us da peopo you wen get outa trouble, cuz you strong, an you get plenny powa! 11 Eh! You my boss, so I stay praying hard fo you fo lissen good. Get odda peopo, you da boss fo dem too, an dey stay good inside cuz dey know wat kine god you, no matta dey sked wen dey in front you. Dey stay tell you da same ting. So I like you make eryting come good fo me today. Cuz I goin aks da King fo do someting real good fo me. Az why I stay aks you, God, fo make him lissen wat I get fo tell.”
Dat time, I was da guy in charge a da wine da king goin drink.

1:8 1:8: Pries 26:33

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