How Fo Get Um Right Wit God
Kay den, my braddahs an sistahs. Stay good inside cuz you guys stay tight wit Da One In Charge! Da kine stuff I stay tell you guys inside dis letta, dass fo help you guys fo stay outa trouble, an dat no bodda me fo tell you guys dat one mo time.
Eh! Watch out da kine peopo dat ack pilau kine! Dey da kine peopo dat erytime do bad kine stuff. Dass da kine peopo dat tell gotta put knife mark on da body jalike da Jew peopo do um. Dey tell, “Fo be God guy fo real kine, gotta cut skin.” But you know, us guys, us da guys dat get God Spirit. Dass da mark fo show dat us God guys, not dem. Cuz wen us do stuff fo God, dass da Spirit dat help us fo do um. Us guys can feel real proud cuz we stay tight wit God Spesho Guy, Jesus Christ. We no tink we okay jus cuz somebody wen do someting to oua body.
Now me, if I like, I can tell I okay cuz I know who me, an I know wat I wen do. But all dat no mean notting. If da odda guys tink dey can trus all dat kine stuff dey do, den I can tell I trus all da kine stuff I wen do even mo den dem guys. So lissen up! 3:5 a: Rome 11:1; b: JGuys 23:6; 26:5Dey cut skin on me one week afta I born. Me from da Israel peopo, from da Benjamin ohana. Me hundred percent one Hebrew guy. I wen work real hard fo do eryting da Rules From God tell me fo do, jalike da Pharisee guys teach um. 3:6: JGuys 8:3; 22:4; 26:9-11I wen go all out fo make da church peopo suffa plenny. If you tink you can get um right wit God cuz you do jalike da Rules From God tell you fo do, I wen do all dat awready. No can poin finga me an tell I neva do um.
But you know wat? No matta I wen tink all dat stuff do me plenny good, now I figga all dat stuff ony wase time! Cuz I stay tight wit Christ now az why. But you know wat? I tink eryting ony wase time. Cuz now, I know fo real kine Da One In Charge a me, Jesus Christ! An dass mo betta! I wen lose eryting cuz I his guy, you know. An I figga, all dat kine stuff I jus wen talk bout, ony bullshit! Cuz I like come real tight wit Christ. I like erybody know dat I stay tight wit Christ. I do wat da Rules From God tell me fo do, but dat no make me get um right wit God. I get um right wit Christ cuz I trus him! Az why wen I trus him, God da One dat make me get um right wit him.
10 Main ting, I like know Christ to da max. He wen come back alive afta he mahke an he get plenny powa. I like him make dat powa work inside me. Wen I suffa cuz I one Christ Guy, I like handle um jalike him. I like come jalike Christ, so wen I mahke, I goin handle um jalike him. 11 So den if can, I figga, bumbye afta I mahke, God goin make me come back alive jalike him.
I Like Win Da Race
12 I no tell dat I win da race awready. I not perfeck yet. But me, I like go all out fo get da medal. Jesus Christ make me come his guy awready. Dass why I go all out fo win. 13 Eh, my braddahs an sistahs! Fo shua da medal not mines yet. But I stay do da main ting fo get um—I no even tink bout all da stuff dat wen happen awready. I go fo broke fo da stuff dat goin happen bumbye! 14 I stay running all out fo win da race. An you know wat kine medal I goin get fo dat? Dis da medal: God goin tell me, “Eh! Go come up hea by me!” An dass wea I stay going cuz a Jesus Christ, dass why.
15 You know, all us guys dat stay grow up an solid inside, good us all tink an feel da same way. If you guys tink diffren, God goin show you how you suppose to tink. 16 You guys stay good how you stay, so stick wit da stuff you know an do um.
17  3:17: 1Cor 4:16; 11:1Eh, my braddahs an sistahs! Help each odda ack how I ack. Get odda guys dat do jalike I do. Make jalike dem guys too. You guys get all us guys fo copy fo you guys do jalike us do. 18 But eh! Jalike I tell you guys ova an ova awready, an even now I stay cry plenny wen I tell you guys dis: Get plenny guys dat stay agains Christ, an dey no can handle dat he wen mahke on top one cross. 19 Dem guys, bumbye dey goin come wipe out. Dey ony live fo eat. Dey do shame kine stuff all da time, an dey talk real big wen dey make lidat. Dey da guys dat ony like tink bout da kine stuff from dis world.
20 But us guys, we get oua place wit God inside da sky. Dass wea Da One In Charge stay—az Jesus Christ. We stay waiting fo him come back from dea, cuz he da guy dat goin take us outa da bad kine stuff us stay in. 21 He goin make oua bodies come real diffren, no matta dey stay kinda junk right now. Christ, his body wen come real awesome, an he goin make oua bodies come awesome jalike how Christ body stay awesome. He do dat cuz he get da powa fo take ova eryting.

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