Eh, my braddahs an sistahs. I get plenny love an aloha fo you guys, an I miss you guys. You guys make me feel real good inside jalike I get one crown on top my head! Az why I tell you guys awready, stan strong an stay solid inside! You guys can do um cuz you stay tight wit Da One In Charge.
How You Guys Suppose To Ack
Eh sistahs, Euodia an Syntyke! You guys stay tight wit Da One In Charge, aah? Az why I stay give you guys good kine words, cuz I like you guys come togedda fo tink da same way, an no make argue. An you too, my good fren an partna, you one fo real kine guy! Help dese wahines, okay? Befo time dey wen work real hard wit me fo help odda peopo hear da Good Kine Stuff From God. Us all work togedda dat time, an Clement too, an da odda worka guys. All dem guys get dea name inside da Book Dat Tell Who Get Da Real Kine Life.
Kay den. You guys stay tight wit Da One In Charge. Cuz a dat, stay good inside erytime, no matta wat happen! I like tell dis one mo time: Eh! Stay good inside! Make shua erybody know dey no need come sked wen dey talk to you guys, cuz you guys real nice to erybody. An ony short time now till Jesus, Da One In Charge, goin come back. Eh, no worry bout notting! Mo betta, eryting dat happen, pray bout um, an go aks God fo do wateva you guys like him fo do. An same time, no foget tell him, “Mahalo plenny!” Den, God goin make you guys come so notting bodda you. Dat goin be mo betta den anybody can figga. God goin take kea you, how you feel an how you tink, cuz you guys stay tight wit his Spesho Guy Jesus Christ.
So den, tink bout all dese kine tings—wateva stay true, wateva get respeck, wateva stay pono, wateva no stay pilau, whoeva you get aloha fo, wateva you talk good bout, wateva da bestes kine stuff, weneva peopo can tell, “Dass good!”—tink erytime bout all dat kine stuff. Eryting you guys wen learn from me, eryting I wen give you guys, eryting you wen see an hear wen I was wit you guys—go do um! Den, da God dat can make you guys so notting bodda you, he goin stay wit you guys.
Mahalo Plenny Fo Yoa Kokua
10 Befo time, you guys wen kokua me. Afta dat, you guys wen like kokua me, but neva have chance. But now, you guys wen start one mo time fo tink how you guys can kokua me. I feel plenny good inside bout dat cuz I stay tight wit Da One In Charge. 11 I no tell dis cuz I need someting. I wen learn dat I get enuff stuff awready. I stay good inside no matta wat happen. 12 I know how fo live wit almos notting, an I know how fo live wit plenny. All dat stuff wen happen to me. I wen learn da secret how fo handle all kine stuff erytime. No matta I get plenny fo eat, o I hungry. No matta I get plenny odda kine stuffs, o I no moa. 13 I strong enuff fo handle any kine cuz I stay tight wit Christ, an he give me da powa fo do um.
14 But was unreal wat you guys wen do wen I wen get trouble an you guys kokua me lidat. 15 You Philippi guys, you no foget, aah? wat happen da firs time, wen I tell you guys da Good Stuff From God. Afta dat, I wen go way from dea Macedonia side. From all da church guys all ova da place, you guys was da ony guys dat wen kokua me an sen me money. 16  4:16: JGuys 17:1 4:16: 2Cor 11:9Even wen I stay Tessalonika side an I need stuff, you guys wen sen me money two time. 17 I no tell dis cuz I like you guys give me mo money, you know. I like you guys get someting fo wat you guys wen do, an get even mo plenny. 18  4:18: Outa 29:18Me, I get eryting I need, an mo plenny still yet. I get enuff cuz a all da gifs you guys give Epafroditus fo give me. God like wat you guys wen do. Dass jalike da kine sacrifice dat smell real nice to him. 19 An you know wat? My God goin give you guys eryting you need cuz you stay tight wit his Spesho Guy Jesus Christ. He get plenny rich stuffs an goin be awesome how he give you guys plenny. 20 I like erybody tell: “God, he oua Faddah. He awesome foeva! Dass right on!”
21 All da peopo ova dea dat stay spesho fo God cuz dey stay tight wit his Spesho Guy Jesus Christ, tell um “Aloha!” fo me. An all my braddahs an sistahs ova hea by me, dey like tell you guys “Aloha!” 22 All God odda peopo ova hea, dey like tell you guys “Aloha!” too. Da Christian guys from King Cesar palace, dey tell me, “You make shua you tell da Philippi guys ‘Aloha!’ ” 23 I like Da One In Charge, Jesus Christ, do plenny good tings inside you guys.

4:16 4:16: JGuys 17:1

4:16 4:16: 2Cor 11:9

4:18 4:18: Outa 29:18