Trus Da One In Charge Fo Eryting
One David kine song fo da main music guy
sing um wit da string kine instruments
Eh God! You da one dat tell,
I no mo da blame fo wat I wen do!
Wen I yell fo you help me,
Lissen an do someting!
Wen I presha out,
Do good fo me an take away da presha!
Show me how you give me chance,
An lissen wen I pray!
All you importan guys,
How long you goin tell peopo
Fo no respeck me
An make me come shame, aah?!
How long you guys goin tell
Bad kine stuff bout me, aah?!
How long you guys goin bulai peopo, aah?!
(Time out fo da music.)
You guys gotta know dis:
Da One In Charge, he make spesho kine
To da guys dat stay tight wit him.
He make um come his guys fo real kine.
Wen I yell fo Da One In Charge help me, he lissen!
4:4: Efes 4:26So, good you guys stay sked an shaking,
Cuz den you no goin do bad kine stuff.
Go lay down on top yoa bed,
An tink plenny bout all dis,
An shut yoa mout.
(Time out fo da music.)
Den, go make um right wit God
An make da right kine sacrifice fo him.
Trus Da One In Charge.
Get plenny peopo dat tell,
“Eh, us guys like see good kine stuff happen to us guys!”
Eh! You Da One In Charge! Smile nice kine to us guys
Fo us know you like us!
You make me stay good inside wen you smile nice kine,
Mo betta den peopo stay inside,
Wen dea fields get plenny wheat an plenny grape.
I know fo shua I can lay down an go sleep,
An eryting goin go good fo me.
Az cuz you, Da One In Charge, you da ony one
Dat make me live
So dat notting bad goin happen to me.

4:4 4:4: Efes 4:26