Christ Peopo Stay Tight Wit Each Odda
I stay lock up in prison cuz I stay tight wit Da One In Charge. Dass why I stay tell you guys dis. Eh! Dis how I like fo you guys live. Da One In Charge wen tell you guys fo come be his guys an dass how you guys gotta live fo real kine. 4:2: Col 3:12-13Put odda guys firs befo you erytime. Make nice to dem. Hang in dea wit each odda. No get huhu wit each odda cuz you guys get plenny love an aloha fo each odda. Go all out fo stay pono wit each odda cuz God Spirit make you guys stay tight wit each odda awready. An you guys stick togedda cuz you guys awready stay pono wit each odda.
Ony get one peopo dass da peopo dat know God, you know, an ony get one Spirit. God tell you guys fo come be his guys fo wait fo dis one awesome ting.
Ony get one Guy In Charge.
Ony get one way fo trus him.
Peopo get baptize fo show
Dey stay tight wit ony one Guy.
Ony get one God,
He da ony Faddah fo erybody.
He stay in charge a erybody.
He stay use erybody
Fo do wat he like.
An he stay inside erybody.
Get Diffren Kine Peopo
Inside Christ Ohana
(Songs 68:18)
You know wat? Christ give powa to all us guys fo us do wat Christ like us fo do. 4:8: Songs 68:18Dass why da Bible tell dis from befo time,
“He go up to da high place.
He fight an win, an take plenny prisonas.
An he give plenny stuffs to da peopo.”
Wen da Bible tell, “He go up,” dass jalike one picha, you know. Dat mean dat Christ wen come all da way down hea to da earth, an afta, he go up inside da sky. 10 Da One dat come all da way down to da earth, he da same One dat go all da way up inside da sky. He go mo high den da sky fo show he da King fo eryting.
11 He da same One dat “give us powa.” Dat mean, he give powa to us church peopo. Fo some guys, he give um powa fo go all ova fo tell peopo bout him. Fo odda guys, he give um da powa fo talk fo him. Fo odda guys, he give da powa fo tell peopo da Good Stuff bout him fo dem trus him. An fo odda guys, he give um da powa fo teach his peopo an take kea dem jalike da sheep guys stay take kea dea sheeps. 12 Christ give all dem dat kine powa fo all da peopo dat stay spesho fo him stay ready fo work fo him, an do stuff fo help odda peopo. Den all Christ peopo goin come mo strong cuz we jalike one body all stay working togedda. 13 Den bumbye all us guys goin trus Christ same same. All us guys goin know God Boy fo real kine. All us guys goin come jalike one grown up guy, da kine guy dat stay perfeck inside, jalike Christ.
14 Get some peopo dat like teach us guys all kine stuffs fo bulai us an dey sly buggahs. But we no goin lissen dem. We no goin be jalike small kids dat tink any kine stay fo real kine. We no goin be jalike one small boat dat da waves push all ova da place, an da wind go blow um hea an dea.
15 Mo betta us guys tell da trut erytime wit love an aloha. An we goin come jalike grown up guys in eryting—fo us come jalike Christ. Cuz he jalike da head a us guys an us guys jalike da body. 16  4:16: Col 2:19Christ make us guys get love an aloha fo each odda, jalike ery body part stay conneck to each odda inside oua body fo make all da body parts work togedda good. Az how da whole body grow up jalike suppose to.
Da Ol Kine Life An Da New Kine Life
17 I get da right fo tell you guys dis cuz Da One In Charge make me his guy: No make no mo jalike da odda kine peopos all ova da world dat donno God. How dey ack, dey ony do stuff dass wase time. 18 Dey ony hard head. Az why dey donno notting. Dey no undastan notting, jalike dey try fo see inside one dark place an no can see. Dass why dey no stay tight wit God, an dey get cut off from God foeva. 19 Dey no mo shame. Dey go buckaloose fo do any kine ting dea body like fo do. Az why dey do all pilau kine stuff an dey no can stop. Dey ony like do um mo an moa.
20 But you guys, wen you wen learn bout Christ, you guys neva learn fo make lidat! 21 Fo shua you guys wen hear bout Christ, an dey wen teach you guys da true stuff dat ony come from Jesus cuz you his guys. 22  4:22: Col 3:9Dey teach you guys dis: No make jalike how you guys was befo time wen you was all pilau inside. You guys wen go all out fo do da kine stuff dat make you guys come all hamajang an make you bulai fo get wateva you like get. 23 But go all out fo come all new kine inside, how you feel an how you tink. 24  4:24 a: Col 3:10; b: Start 1:26You guys gotta start fo live da new kine way, da way God make you fo ack jalike him. Da way you guys ack goin be pono fo real kine. An you goin be good an spesho fo God an live da true way.
How Fo Ack Da New Kine Way
(Zekariah 8:16; Songs 4:4)
25  4:25: Zek 8:16Kay den. No bulai nobody no moa. All you guys gotta tell each odda da trut cuz all us da same ohana. 26  4:26: Songs 4:4If you guys huhu, no do bad kine stuff cuz a dat. No stay huhu. No good da sun go down an you guys still yet stay huhu, you know. 27 An no let da Devil get one chance fo jam you guys up fo do wass wrong.
28 Whoeva steal stuffs betta not do um no moa. Dey gotta work hard fo do good kine stuff wit dea hands. Den dey can give stuffs to da peopo dat need um. 29 No go talk pilau kine stuff notting. But wen you talk, tell ony good kine stuff dat goin help da peopo dat lissen fo make um come mo strong inside. Cuz dey need fo hear da kine stuff dass ony good fo dem.
30 No go do notting dat goin make da Good An Spesho Spirit come sore inside. Cuz God Good An Spesho Spirit stay in charge a you guys you know. An dass da mark dat show proof dat you guys da peopo dat know God. Dat show dat bumbye he goin hemo you guys from da powa dat da bad kine stuff you do get ova you guys. 31 No make jalike da kine peopo dat had it wit somebody an no like let da guy go. No get mad an snap. No stay huhu. No yell pilau kine stuff at each odda. No talk bad. Wipe out all dat kine stuff an no hate nobody no moa. 32  4:32: Col 3:13Mo betta make nice nice to each odda. Show pity an aloha to each odda. Let each odda go, jalike God let you guys go cuz a wat Christ wen do.

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