Da Tings God Make An His Rules
Show He Awesome
Fo da main music guy,
one David kine Song Fo God
Look da sky fo learn how awesome God stay!
Was God hand wen make all dat!
An eryting you see in da sky an da air aroun us,
Show how awesome wateva he make!
One day afta anodda show how God stay, jalike if da sky stay talking.
One nite afta anodda show how God stay, jalike if da sky let peopo know stuff.
Da sky no need tell notting,
No need words o voice fo you hear,
Fo know dat he awesome.
19:4: Rome 10:18Da tings da sky tell,
Peopo all ova da world awready know bout um.
Ery place on top da earth,
Da peopo awready hear wat da sky tell.
Da sun, he stay inside da sky.
Dass wea God wen put up one tent fo him.
Da sun come up,
An he real good inside,
Jalike wen da groom come outside from da wedding tent.
Da sun
Jalike one champion runna guy stay good inside
Cuz he like run da race.
Da sun come up from da east side
An go all da way to da odda side.
No mo notting dat can run away
Fo no come hot wen da sun go ova him.
Good, Da Rules From God
Da way Da One In Charge teach,
Eryting come out how suppose to do.
Wen you do wat he teach,
Jalike he make you come all new inside one mo time.
Da rules Da One In Charge give, you can trus um.
Dass how you goin know wat fo do erytime,
Even if you donno right now wat fo do.
Wen Da One In Charge tell someting you gotta do,
An you do um,
Dass da right ting fo do,
Dat make you like throw party inside you.
Wen Da One In Charge tell you how fo live,
No mo notting bad bout dat.
You do um, you goin undastan how fo live fo real kine.
Wen you stay real sked a Da One In Charge,
Jalike dat make you come clean inside,
An help you stay dat way, foeva.
Da One In Charge, he da judge,
An wen he tell wass right an wass wrong,
All da tings he tell, stay right an stay true erytime.
10 Wen Da One In Charge tell wass right,
Az good you like lissen him
Mo den you like get gold,
Even mo den plenny gold, da bestes kine.
Da Rules From God, mo sweet den da honey,
Even da fresh honey dat stay inside da wax still yet.
11 An one mo ting, I one guy dat work fo Da One In Charge,
An from da kine tings he tell,
I know wat not fo do.
Da peopo dat make shua dey do wat Da One In Charge tell,
He make shua plenny good tings happen to dem.
12 How I goin undastan all da bad kine stuff I do
Dat I donno I do?
Eh God! No punish me fo dat! Let me go!
13 An do dis too, God, cuz I yoa worka guy!
No let me do any kine bad kine stuff,
Da kine stuff I know stay bad befo I do um!
No let da bad kine stuff take ova me.
If you do dat, den I goin be okay,
An you no need poin finga me,
Cuz I no goin go agains you big time.
14 Eh! You Da One In Charge! Eryting I tell wit my mout,
An eryting I tink,
I like fo all dat be wat you like,
Cuz you my solid rock,
An you da One dat get me outa trouble.

19:4 19:4: Rome 10:18