One Ol Guy Aks God Fo Help Him
I Trus You
Eh! You Da One In Charge!
You da one take kea me
Fo me no get hurt.
No let nobody
Make me come shame, eva!
You do da right ting erytime,
So get me outa trouble
An no let notting bad happen to me.
Lissen good to wat I goin tell you
An get me outa trouble.
Be dea fo me, jalike one big rock
Wea I can hide erytime.
You tell dat you goin
Get me outa trouble.
You, you stay strong
Jalike one big rock,
Jalike one place inside da mountains
Wea nobody can come afta me.
You my God,
So get me outa trouble
From da peopo dat do bad kine stuff.
No let da peopo dat no do wass right
An put presha on me, catch me.
You my boss, an I stay shua
Dat bumbye you goin do
Good tings fo me.
Eh! You Da One In Charge!
From da time I was one young boy,
I still stay trus you.
Was you dat take kea me
Even befo I born,
You da one wen born me
Outa my muddah.
You da one I tell
Good tings bout, foeva.
Get Peopo Dat Stay Agains Me
Plenny peopo watch me,
Fo dem do wat I do.
Cuz you strong,
An you no let nobody hurt me.
Da ony ting I talk bout
Is dat you da greates!
All day, I talk bout
How awesome you stay.
An now, I ol. No throw me out!
No dump me
Jus cuz I no stay strong no moa.
10 Cuz now, da peopo dat stay agains me,
Dey talk any kine bout me.
Da peopo dat stay wait fo dem kill me,
Dey make one plan wit each odda.
11 Dey tell, “God dump him awready.
No mo nobody can get him outa dis!
So go afta him an catch him!”
Help Me
12 Eh God! No stay far from me!
My God! Do someting
Fo help me right now!
13 Da ones dat come agains me fo kill me,
I like fo dem come plenny shame
An come wipe out.
Da ones dat stay look
Fo how dey goin hurt me,
I like fo peopo tell dem
Az no good wat dey do,
An I like fo nobody
Get respeck fo dem.
I Goin Tell Good Tings Bout You
14 But fo me, foeva I stay shua
You goin do good tings fo me.
I goin tell peopo mo an moa
Dat you da greates.
15 I goin tell da story bout how
You stay do da right ting erytime.
I goin talk all day bout
How you get peopo outa trouble,
No matta I ony know litto bit
Wat you do!
16 I goin tell
Bout da awesome tings
Da One In Charge a me stay do.
I no goin foget how you stay do
Da right ting erytime,
I goin talk ony bout you.
I Stay Shua You Goin Take Kea Me
17 God, from da time I was one young boy,
You stay teach me,
An now, I goin tell erybody
Bout da awesome tings you do!
18 No matta I ol awready an get gray hair,
God, no dump me,
Till I pau tell da kids
How strong you stay,
An tell all da ones
Dat goin born afta dem,
Da kine powa you get.
19 Eh God, you do wass right erytime,
An erybody know dat,
From hea inside da world
To up dea inside da sky!
You wen do big tings, God.
No mo nobody stay jalike you!
20 No matta you wen make me go
Thru plenny bad kine trouble,
You goin make me come back alive.
You goin bring me back up
No matta I stay almos inside da grave.
21 You goin make me come
One mo importan guy den befo time.
You goin make me
Stay good inside, one mo time.
22 I goin tell erybody dat I yoa guy,
An sing bout you, my God,
Wit da ten-string harp,
Bout how I can trus you
Fo do wat you tell.
I goin sing fo you
Wit da small harp too,
Cuz you da God
Dat Stay Good An Spesho,
Da One us Israel peopo stay pray to.
23 Wen I sing fo you,
I goin yell cuz I stay real good inside.
I goin go all out fo sing to you,
Cuz you wen pay da price
Fo get me outa trouble.
24 All day, I goin talk plenny bout
How you do da right ting erytime.
Cuz da peopo dat wen look fo me
Fo do bad tings to me,
Dey shame now, an lose face!