One Guy Dat Stay Suffa Pray To God
One guy dat get mo presha den he can handle pray lidis, fo tell all his problem in front Da One In Charge.
Eh! You Da One In Charge!
I stay praying to you,
So try lissen!
I stay yelling fo you help me!
Right now, I stay presha out,
So no go look da odda way!
Lissen to me,
An do someting fo me real quick
Cuz I stay yelling fo you help me!
Eh! Da time fo me stay alive, almos pau,
Jalike da smoke dat come an go.
Jalike I stay burn up inside,
Jalike my bones stay burn
On top one hot fire.
I stay all bus up,
Jalike da grass
Wen peopo step all ova um,
Jalike inside, I stay all hamajang.
Da way I feel, I even foget fo eat,
Cuz I ony feel jalike moaning.
Dass why I stay coming skinny,
Ony skin an bone.
I look jalike one scavenja bird
Dat live inside da boonies,
Jalike one small kine pueo dat live
Wea ony get bus up kine houses.
I lay down an no can sleep,
No mo nobody by me,
Jalike one bird dat sit on top one roof.
All da time,
Da peopo dat stay agains me,
Dey talk bad stuff bout me.
Da peopo dat make fun a me,
Wen dey put kahuna on top somebody,
Dey use my name.
Dey use um fo make da odda guy
Get da same kine trouble jalike me.
9-10 Cuz you stay huhu wit me,
You pick me up an throw me out
Jalike I opala.
Da food I eat, ony ashes.
I cry an my tears
Go inside wat I drink.
11 Real fas now, da time I stay alive
Almos pau!
I goin be jalike da shadows evening time.
I stay come all dry up, jalike dry grass.
12 But you, Da One In Charge,
You goin stay king foeva.
All da peopo dat goin come bumbye,
Dey goin know bout you.
13 You goin do someting
Fo show you get pity an aloha
Fo da Jerusalem peopo—
Cuz right now, az da time
You goin do good tings fo dem.
14 Cuz yoa worka guys
Get love an aloha fo Jerusalem town,
No matta ony get rocks ova dea
From da bus up houses.
Dey get pity even fo da dirt
Dat stay all ova da place.
15 Eh! You Da One In Charge!
Bumbye, all da diffren nations
Goin show plenny respeck
Wen dey find out who you fo real kine.
Da king guys from all ova da world
Goin show plenny respeck
Wen dey see how awesome you stay.
16 Cuz Da One In Charge goin build
Jerusalem town one mo time.
Den, peopo goin see how awesome he stay.
17 Wen da peopo dat no mo notting pray,
He goin lissen.
He no goin tink
Da ting dey tell him fo do, ony junk.
18 I like fo somebody write down
Wat I tell now,
Fo all da peopo dat goin come bumbye,
Fo da peopo inside one nation
Dat no even stay now
Tell good tings
Bout Da One In Charge.
19 Tell dose peopo dis:
Had one time,
Da One In Charge wen look down
From da spesho place wea he stay up dea.
He look down from da sky to da world,
20 Fo lissen how da prisona guys stay moan,
An fo let go da guys
Da govmen goin kill fo punish dem.
21 Cuz a dat, peopo goin talk story
On top Zion Hill
Bout wat kine god Da One In Charge.
An dey goin tell
Inside Jerusalem town
Dat he da greates.
22 Dass goin happen, da time
Da diffren peopos come togedda ova dea,
An king guys come dea fo show
Love an respeck fo Da One In Charge!
23 But me, I not makule yet,
An still yet God
Wen make me come litto mo mahke,
An give me ony short time fo live!
24 I wen tell, “Eh! You da God fo me,
An you stay live foeva!
I ony live half my life,
No make me mahke!
25  102:25: Heb 1:10-12Long time befo time,
You wen make da world.
Da sky too, was you wen make um.
26 All dat goin come wipe out,
But you goin stay foeva.
All dose tings, dey goin come poho.
You goin change um jalike clotheses,
An dey no goin stay no moa.
27 But you, you stay hea.
You no goin mahke eva.
28 Us guys dat work fo you, an oua kids,
We goin stay dea in front you.
Da peopo dat goin come from oua kids,
Dey goin stay solid,
Cuz you stay watch out fo dem.”

102:25 102:25: Heb 1:10-12