Wen Peopo Come Agains You
Fo da main music guy,
one David kine Song Fo God
God, I like tell erybody
Dat you da greates!
You gotta do someting! No stay quiet!
Cuz get bad kine peopo
An peopo dat like scam erybody.
Dey tell plenny bad kine stuff
Bout me.
Weneva dey open dea mout,
Dey ony bulai.
Dey come all aroun me
Fo tell how plenny dey hate me.
Dey attack me, no matta
I neva do notting to dem.
No matta I show dem love an aloha,
Dem guys stay agains me.
But me, I ony pray.
Weneva I do someting good fo dem,
Dey pay me back wit someting bad.
Weneva I like make frenz wit dem,
Dey show dey hate me,
An dass how dey pay me back.
God, go sen one real bad guy
Fo go agains da one
Dat stay agains me,
Somebody fo stan dea by him
An poin finga him.
Wen dat guy go in front da judge,
Make da judge punish him!
Wen da guy pray,
Go make wat he tell
Show he bad!
109:8: JGuys 1:20No let dat guy live long time.
An make odda peopo take ova his kuleana.
Make his kids lose dea faddah
An his wife come one widow.
10 Make his kids go all ova da place
Fo beg fo money.
Bus up dea house,
Den chase dem away from dea.
11 Make da peopo dat da guy owe money to,
Go an grab eryting from him.
Make peopo dat he donno
Rip off eryting he wen bus ass fo get.
12 No let nobody make nice to him
O do good tings fo his kids
Afta dey no mo faddah.
13 Cut off da peopo dat goin come
From da guy dat stay agains me.
No let nobody even rememba who da guy.
14 Da One In Charge, no foget how come
You wen poin finga his ancesta guys.
No hemo da shame
Fo da bad tings dea muddahs wen do.
15 Da bad kine tings
His ancesta guys wen do,
Da One In Charge, make shua
You no foget dat,
An make shua nobody inside dis world
Rememba who dem.
16 Cuz dose peopo, dey no tink
Fo do good tings fo nobody.
Dey chase an chase da peopo
Dat no mo notting
An da peopo dat stay sad inside,
Till dey kill um.
17 Dey like put kahuna on top peopo.
But I like da kahuna come on top dem,
Not da odda peopo.
Dey no like tell God
Fo do good tings fo nobody.
Az why I like nobody do good tings
Fo dem.
18 Jalike ery day dey put on dea clotheses,
An drink watta,
An make dea hair look nice.
Same ting, ery day dey put kahuna
On top somebody.
19 Wen dey put kahuna on top peopo,
Make da same ting happen to dem!
Jalike one blanket dat cova dem
O one belt dey no can take off.
20 Da One In Charge, wat I tell,
Az how I like you pay back
Da peopo dat stay agains me,
Da ones dat stay talk bad bout me.
21 But you, you Da One In Charge,
You my boss.
Do good tings fo me,
Fo show wat kine god you.
Good, da way you stay tight wit me,
So now, get me outa trouble!
22 Cuz me, I no mo notting,
An I stay sad inside.
Inside, jalike I stay all bus up.
23 I litto mo disappea
Jalike one aftanoon shadow.
Jalike wen you shake off one locust bug.
24 I no eat so I can pray,
Dass how come I no can stan up.
I come all skinny
An no mo fat on me.
25  109:25: Matt 27:39; Mark 15:29Erybody make fun a me.
Wen dey see me, dey shake dea head.
26 Eh! You Da One In Charge!
You da God fo me!
Get me outa trouble,
Cuz you stay tight wit yoa peopo!
27 Let erybody know
Dat you da one dat get da powa,
Dat you, Da One In Charge, do all dis.
28 No matta dem guys put kahuna
On top me,
You goin do good kine stuff fo me.
Wen dey attack me,
Dey goin come shame,
But I goin stay real good inside
Cuz I yoa worka guy.
29 Da ones dat no like me,
Nobody goin respeck dem.
Dey goin come shame fo eryting.
30 I goin tell plenny good tings
Bout Da One In Charge.
Wen plenny peopo come togedda,
I goin tell dat he da greates.
31 Cuz wen somebody need help,
Da One In Charge,
He stay right dea by dem
Fo get um outa trouble,
No matta odda peopo
Like judge dem an kill um.

109:8 109:8: JGuys 1:20

109:25 109:25: Matt 27:39; Mark 15:29