On the silver edge of twilight,
When the shadows start to play,
Let us thank God for the closing
Of another perfect day.

He has warmed the earth with
He has caused the rain to fall.
He has fashioned rainbow colors,
Flung them high above us all.

He has spread the world with
Scattered flowers everywhere,
Filled the lakes with sparkling
Stacked up mountains over there.

He has planted fragrant forests,
Rolled before us sweeping plains,
Giving bounty as we harvest
Purple fruits or golden grains.

Grand and matchless, His creation,
Every flower, every leaf--
Let us care for it and guard it,
Never snatch it like a thief.

'Tho we may not understand it,
Or know every bird and tree,
Let's give thanks to God
The Father,
Who created you and me.


copyright 2003 Nona Kelley Carver

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