David Kommands
King David kommand and gada all di offisa for Jerusalem. So all di ofisas for di tribe wey dey do di kingdom work; di family leaders; doz wey dey look di propaty and di animals wey di king and en shidren get; all di ofisas for di palis; di sojas oga and all di men wey pipol dey respet kon gada for Jerusalem.
David stand for dia front kon sey, “My kountry pipol, make una listin to mi. I bin won build betta house for God Kovenant Box, where God go stay. I don prepare tins to take build betta temple for God. But God nor gri make I do am, bikos I don fight and kill many pipol for war.
“So di Oga wey bi Israel God don choose mi and my shidren-shidren as king for Israel forever. E sey make Judah tribe dey bring doz wey go lead and na from Judah, E from choose my papa family. And from di family, E kon choose mi as king for Israel. E give mi many sons and na Solomon E choose from all of dem, make e rule God pipol for Israel. God tell mi, ‘Na yor pikin, Solomon, go build my temple. I don choose am as my pikin and I go bi en papa. If e kontinue to obey my laws and kommand as e dey do naw, I go make en kingdom last forever.’
“So naw, my pipol, for awa God present and for all Israel wey bi God pipol front, I sey make una obey evritin wey God kommand us, so dat una go kontinue to stay dis betta land kon leave am for una shidren-shidren forever.” Den e tell Solomon, “My pikin, I kommand yu sey make yu know yor papa God and make yu use all yor mind and heart take serve am. E know all wetin wi dey tink and wetin wi wont. If yu go meet am, E go take yu, but if yu turn from am, E go abandon yu forever. 10 Yu must know sey God don choose yu to build en temple. Naw, make yu use all yor heart take build am.”
11 David kon give Solomon di plans wey e go take build di temple, di store room, all di oda rooms and di place wey holy pass, where God for dey forgive pipol dia sins. 12 E still gi-am di plan, just as e get am for mind to build di kourtyard and di rooms wey round dem; di store room wey dem go put di temple tins and di gifts wey dem dedikate give God. 13 David gi-am di plan wey di priest and Levi pipol go take dey know and do dia work for di temple and how to keep all di temple plate and spoons. 14 E still tell am about di amount of silva and gold wey e go use take make di spoon, pot, plates, 15 di lamp, di lampstand, 16 di silva tabol and di gold tabols wey dem go put di bread wey dem go offa give God. 17 E tell am how mush e go take buy di pure gold take make fork, plate, jug, 18 di altar where dem go for dey burn incense and di shariot wey go karry di creature wey dia feadas kover di Kovenant Box.
19 King David sey, “All dis tins dey for di plan wey dem rite, just as God kommand mi.”
20 David tell Solomon en pikin, “Make yu nor fear, but start di work with strong heart and nor let anytin stop yu. God wey I dey serve, go dey with yu. E nor go abandon yu, but E go stay with yu till yu finish di temple and evritin wey go dey inside. 21 Dem don give di priest and Levi pipol, di work wey dem go do for di temple. Doz wey sabi work dey ready to help yu and all di pipol and dia leaders go obey yor kommand.”