Gifts To Take Build Di Temple
King David tell all di pipol, “Na Solomon my pikin God choose, but e still dey yong and e neva sabi many tins. Di work wey dem won do dey hard, bikos dis nor bi palis for man, but na temple for di Oga awa God. I don try to prepare silva, gold, bronze, iron, timba, stones wey dear, jem stones to take make di floor and many marbols to take build di temple. Even with all dis tins wey I don gada, I still give my silva and gold, bikos of di love wey I get for God Temple. I don give more dan 112 tons for di gold wey fine pass and 262 tons for silva wey dey pure, so dat dem go take am take dekorate di temple wall and all di tins wey una go make. Naw, who go like give God ofrin from en heart?”
Den all doz wey dey lead dia family, di tribe ofisas, di sojas oga dem and doz wey dey work for di temple kon sey dem go give dis tins for di temple work: about 188 tons for gold; 10,000 gold koin, 375 tons for silva; 675 tons for bronze and 3,750 tons for iron. Doz wey get stones wey dear, bring dem kom where dem put di tins wey dem won use take build di temple and na Jahiel wey kom from Gershon family, bi dia leader. Di pipol use dia mind take give and dem happy sey dem don give many tins to God. So David kon dey happy too.
David Praiz God
10 For der wey all di pipol gada put, David praiz God kon sey,
“God wey awa papa Jakob serve,
wi praiz yor name forever!
11 Yu dey great and get pawa;
Yu get glory, honor and respet.
Evritin for heaven and eart, na yor own
and dis na yor kingdom.
Wi dey praiz Yu
pass evritin for dis world.
12 Na from Yu money and propaty from dey kom.
Na yor strent and pawa Yu take dey rule evritin
and Yu fit make anybody big and strong.
13 Awa God, wi tank
and praiz yor name wey get pawa.
14 “But who mi and my pipol bi? Wi nor really fit give Yu anytin, bikos na Yu get evritin and wi dey give Yu wetin Yu first give us. 15 Awa Oga God! Yu know sey wi dey pass thru dis world like strenjas, just as awa grand-grand papa dem do. Awa days bi like shadow wey dey fade and wi nor fit run from deat. 16 Awa Oga God, wi don bring all dis tins togeda to take build temple take honor yor name, but all of dem kom from Yu and dem bi yor own. 17 I know sey Yu dey test evribody heart and Yu dey like doz wey dey respet diasef. I put my body for groun kon use all my heart take give Yu all dis tins and I don si how all yor pipol dey happy as dem dey give Yu dia gifts. 18 God wey bi awa grand-grand papa Abraham, Isaak and Jakob God, make yor pipol always dey ready to obey Yu forever, so dat Yu go always make dem dey faithful to Yu. 19 Make Yu give Solomon my pikin di heart to take obey evritin wey Yu kommand, about how dem go take build di temple, wey I don gada tins for.” 20 Den David kommand en pipol, “Make una praiz di Oga wey bi una God!” And all di pipol praiz di Oga wey bi dia papa God kon bow honor en and di king.
21 Di next day, dem kon dedikate and sakrifice some animals to God, den dem give dem to di pipol make dem chop. Dem still sakrifice 1,000 rams, bulls and lamb for di altar kon still bring wine as ofrin. 22 So dem chop and drink as dem dey happy for God present.
Den dem kon dey shaut, “Na Solomon bi king.” Den, dem anoint am with God name as dia ruler kon make Zadok dia priest. 23 So Solomon take-ova from en papa David for di throne wey God don bless. Solomon prosper well-well and all di kountries dey obey am. 24 All di ofisas, sojas and even David oda shidren kon promise sey dem go respet am as dia king.
25 God make all di nashons dey sopraiz for Solomon, bikos E gi-am glory wey pass any oda king wey don rule Israel before am.
David Die
26 David wey Jesse born rule Israel 27 for forty years. E rule from Hebron for seven years and e rule Jerusalem for thirty-three years. 28 E die wen e don old well-well. E get many propaty and evribody dey respet am. Solomon en pikin kon take-ova from am as king.
29 Evritin wey David do from biginnin go rish end, dem rite am both for Profet Samuel, Profet Natan and Profet Gad book. 30 Di book show how e get pawa rish and all di tins wey happen to en, Israel pipol and all di kingdoms wey dey near am.