Sekond Kronikles
Solomon Ask For Wisdom
David pikin, Solomon kon make en kingdom strong well-well, bikos di Oga wey bi en God dey with am and E gi-am pawa.
Solomon tok to Israel pipol, plus doz wey dey kommand difren group from hundred go rish tazon; doz wey dey judge kase and all di leaders for Israel wey bi head for dia family. Solomon and all di pipol go woship God for Gibeon, for di altar wey God savant, Moses, build for di wildaness. (For dis time, David don take di Kovenant Box from Kiriat-Jearim go di place wey e prepare for am for Jerusalem. But di bronze altar wey Bezalel, Uri pikin, wey bi Hur grand-pikin make, dey for front of Tabanako. Solomon and all di pipol kon pray to God for der.) Solomon go meet God for di bronze altar wey dey di place kon do sakrifice. E kill 1,000 animal kon burn dem as ofrin.
Dat nite, God appear to Solomon kon tell am, “Make yu tell mi wetin yu wont make I do for yu.”
Solomon ansa, “My God! Yu show sey Yu dey loyal to my papa David and Yu make mi king afta am. Naw, my Oga God, make yor promise wey Yu make with my papa David, happen, bikos Yu don make mi king ova dis great nashon wey plenty like san-san. 10 My Oga God! Make Yu give mi wisdom and undastandin, so dat I go fit lead yor pipol well. Bikos without wisdom, nobody go fit rule dis yor great nashon well.”
11 God tell Solomon, “Yu nor ask for money, propaty and honor, or pawa to revensh yor enemies or for long life, instead yu ask for wisdom and undastandin, so dat yu go fit rule my pipol well; 12 naw, wisdom and undastandin, na yor own. I go still give yu money, propaty and di kind honor wey pass evry oda king wey dey before and wey go dey afta yu.”
13 Solomon komot from di tent for where dem for dey woship for Gibeon kon go Jerusalem, where e for rule ova Israel.
King Solomon Pawa
14 Solomon kon get many shariot. E get 1,400 shariot and en ordinary horse na 12,000. E keep dem for difren place for Jerusalem. 15 Di king make silva and gold plenty for Jerusalem like san-san; cedar wood many for Jerusalem like sikamore fig tree wey dey di low lands. 16 Solomon buy en horse dem from Egypt and Kwe and na di pipol wey dey buy and sell horse give kings, sell for am. 17 Dem pay 600 silva for each shariot from Egypt, plus 150 silva for ordinary horse. Dem still sell shariot and ordinary horse to all di kings for Hit and Siria.