Tins For Di Temple
Solomon sey make dem build one temple to take honor God and one royal palis for ensef. Solomon get 70,000 ordinary workers and 80,000 men wey dey kut stone for di mountin, plus 3,600 men wey dey supavise di workers.
Solomon send message go meet King Hiram for Tyre sey,
“Make yu kom help mi, just as yu help my papa David, wen yu gi-am cedar wood make e take build en palis. I dey ready to build one temple to honor di Oga my God and to dedikate am gi-am. I go burn betta incense for am; offa bread and burnt sakrifice evry morning and evening and for Sabat Day too. I go do di same tin for new moon festival and evry oda tin wey di Oga my God tok. Dis na wetin Israel pipol go dey do.
I go build betta big temple, bikos awa God big and betta pass evry oda gods. True-true! Who fit really build temple for am, since di sky and di heavens wey high pass too small for am? Who I bi to build temple for am? E go just bi where dem go for dey offa sakrifice gi-am.
So, make yu send somebody kom; pesin wey know how to work with gold, silva, bronze and iron, plus purpol, crimson and violet klot. Pesin wey fit design well-well. E go work with my men wey sabi karve tins for Jerusalem and Judah, bikos na David my papa train dem.
Make yu send cedar wood, evagreen and algum trees for Lebanon kon give mi, bikos I know sey yor savants sabi kut trees. My savants go work with yor savants, so dat dem go fit give mi many wood make I take build betta big temple. 10 Si, yor savants wey go kut di wood, I go pay dem with 20,000 bag of wheat, 20,000 bag of barley, 120,000 gallon of wine and 120,000 gallon of olive oil.”
11 King Hiram for Tyre kon send dis leta go give Solomon:
“Bikos God love en pipol, E kon make yu king.”
12 Hiram still sey,
“Na di Oga God for Israel deserve all di praiz, bikos na-im make di sky and di eart! E don give David one pikin wey wise and undastand sey e suppose build temple for God, plus royal palis for ensef.
13 Naw, I dey send Hiram kom meet yu. E sabi di work well-well; 14 en mama kom from Dan tribe, while en papa na from Tyre. E know how to work with gold, silva, bronze, iron, stones and wood; plus purpol, violet, white and crimson klot. E still know how to make difren design. E go work with yor men and yor papa David men.
15 Naw, make my oga send di wheat, barley, olive oil and wine as e promise kom give en savant; 16 wi go get all di wood wey yu wont from Lebanon kon arrange dem kom give yu thru Joppa Sea. So yu fit karry dem from der go Jerusalem.”
17 Solomon kon still kount all di men wey bi strenjas for Israel, afta en papa David kount evribody for Israel. All of dem na 153,600. 18 E make 70,000 of dem ordinary worker; 80,000 dey kut stones for di mountin, while 3,600 dey supavise di workers, to make sure sey di pipol komplete di work.