Di Temple
Solomon kon start to build God Temple for Jerusalem on-top Mount Moraya, di place where God for appear to en papa David, but na Araunah wey kom from Jebus, get der before. Solomon don dey rule for four years wen e start to build for di sekond day for di sekond mont.
Di foundashon wey Solomon build for God Temple long rish 90 fit (akordin to as dem dey measure before) and wide rish 30 fit. Di varanda for di main hall front na 30 fit, while di temple wide and high rish 30 fit.
Solomon design inside di temple with pure gold. E make di main hall with board wey dem make from evagreen trees; design am with fine gold kon dekorate am with palm trees and shains. E dekorate di temple with precious stones and na from Parvaim dem from bring di gold wey e use. E still design di house, di beams, di wall, di post and all di doors wey dey di temple and e karve tins wey bi like angel for di walls.
E make di Most Holy Place long rish 30 fit, while di temple wide and deep rish 30 fit too. E design am with fine gold wey dear rish 600 silva koin. Di nail for di gold heavy rish 50 shekel and e still design di up with gold.
10 For di Most Holy Place, e make two image wey bi like angel kon design dem with gold. 11 If dem put di angels feada togeda, e rish 30 fit. One for di first angel feada long rish seven and half fit and e tosh one wall for di temple; why di oda feada na still seven and half fit and e dey tosh di sekond angel feada. 12 One for di sekond angel feada still long rish seven and half fit and e dey tosh di oda wall for di temple; di oda feada na still seven and half fit and e dey tosh di first angel feada. 13 If yu add di two angel feada togeda, na 30 fit dem bi. Dem stand well face inside di temple.
14 Na violet, purpol, crimson and white klot, Solomon take make di curtain kon design and dekorate am with tins wey bi like angels.
15 For di temple front, e make two pila and dem long rish fifty-two and half fit and each of dem high rish seven and half fit. 16 E make strong shains kon put dem on-top di pila. E still make one hundred fruits wey get many seeds kon dekorate and join dem to di shains. 17 E put di pila for di temple front; one for di rite side and di oda for di left, den e koll di one for rite, “Jakin” and di left one, “Boaz.”