Solomon make one bronze altar wey long rish 30 fit; wide rish 30 fit and e high rish 15 fit. E still make one bronze basin kon koll am “Di Sea.” If dem measure am from one side to di oda, na 15 fit e bi; e round for shape kon high rish seven and half fit. Di basin round rish 45 fit. Bull wey dem karve dey under am for evriwhere. One melu image dey under am for evry step. Di bull dey two side and dem join dem to “Di Sea.”
“Di Sea” stand on-top twelf bull. Three face nort, three face west, three face sout and three face east. “Di Sea” dey on-top dem and all of dem face outside. E tick rish three inches and di tins wey dem take hold am, dey shine like lily flower. E fit kontain like 18,000 gallons of wota.
E make ten basin wey dem fit take wosh: E put five for di sout and five for di nort side. Na inside di basin dem for dey wosh di tins wey dem dey take do di burnt sakrifice; but di priest dey wosh inside “Di Sea.”
E make ten gold lampstand just as e suppose bi kon put dem for di temple; five for di rite side and five for di left.
E make ten tabol kon put dem for di temple; five for di rite side and five for di left. E still use gold take make one hundred bowl.
E make di kourtyard for di priests, di big kourt and di door for di kourt kon design dem with bronze. 10 E put “Di Sea” for di sout-side for di sout-east korna.
11 Hiram make di pots, shovels and bowls. E finish all di work for God Temple, just as King Solomon tell am.
12 E make di two pila,
di two bowl wey dey on-top di two pila, with two shains wey dem design for di top
13 di 400 fruits wey get many seeds wey dem take design shains for di pilas (each of di design get two of dis fruits on-top di pila),
14 di ten stand wey dem fit move with di ten basins,
15 di big bronze basin wey dem dey koll, “Di Sea” with di twelf bull wey dey under; 16 di pots, shovels and di meat fork.
All di tins wey King Solomon give Hiram make e do for God Temple, dem make dem with bronze wey dem polish. 17 Di king sey make dem mold dem kom from Jordan River, between Sukkot and Zaretan. 18 Even with all dis many tins wey Solomon make, di bronze dem still remain.
19 Solomon still make all dis fine tins for God Temple,
di golden altar
and di tabol wey e go put di sakrifice bread;
20 plus di gold lampstand with dia lamps wey go dey burn for di Most Holy Place, just as Moses kommand
21 and na fine gold dem take make di flower, di lamp and di tongs.
22 Na pure gold dem take make di wick iron, di bowl, spoon and di censer. Na gold dem still take make di door-mot, di house front, inside di door and di temple door.