Wen Solomon don build God Temple finish, di holy tins wey bi en papa David own (tins like: silva, gold and all di oda tins) e pak dem put inside di store room for di temple.
Di Kovenant Box
Den Solomon sey make all di eldas for Israel, plus all di leaders for di tribes and family for Israel, kom meet am for Jerusalem, so dat dem go dey der wen dem dey karry di Kovenant Box kom from David Town (wey bi Zion). Israel men gada go meet di king wen dem dey do di festival for di sevent mont.
Wen Israel leaders rish der, na dat time Levi pipol kon karry di Kovenant Box. Di priest and Levi pipol karry di box, di tent where God for appear to di pipol and all di holy tins wey dey inside. For dis time, King Solomon and Israel pipol wey dey der with am kon dey waka for di box front and dem sakrifice many sheep and kattle wey nobody fit kount.
Di priest karry di Kovenant Box go where dem sey make dem put am for inside di temple, for di Most Holy Place wey dey under di angels image feada. Di angel image feada kover di place where dem put di box. Di angel wey dem karve, kover di box and en poles. Di poles long well-well sotey dem dey si dia end from di temple main room and di Most Holy Place, but nor bi from outside. Dem still dey der till today. 10 Nor-tin dey inside di box escept di two stones wey Moses put inside for Mount Sinai where God for make kovenant with en pipol Israel, afta dem kom out from Egypt.
God Glory
11 Den di priests komot from di Most Holy Place. All di priests wey dey der don klean diasef, weda dem dey work dat day or not. 12 Levi pipol wey dey play music na, Asaf, Heman, Jedutun and dia sons and brodas. All of dem wear linen kon stand for di east side for di altar dey play cymbals, lyres and harps. 120 priests wey dey blow trumpet, kon join dem too. 13 Doz wey dey blow trumpet and doz wey dey sing kon dey sing togeda dey praiz and give God all di glory. With di trumpet, cymbals and oda instruments, evribody kon dey shaut praiz God dey sey:
“God dey good!
En love and goodness,
na forever and ever!”
At wons, one kind tick kloud kon kover God Temple. 14 So, di priests nor fit kontinue dia work again, bikos of di kloud and na God present with en glory, kover di whole temple.