Solomon Praiz God
Den Solomon sey, “God don sey na inside tick darkness E dey stay. But naw my Oga God, I don build big temple for Yu; place where Yu go stay forever!” Den di king turn kon bless Israel pipol as dem stand for der. E sey,
“Make all praiz bi di Oga wey bi Israel God own, bikos E don do wetin E promise my papa David. E tell David sey, ‘Since di day I take my pipol komot from Egypt, I nor choose any town from all di tribe for Israel wey go build di temple wey I go stay or sey I choose one man as pesin wey go lead my pipol Israel. But naw, I don choose Jerusalem as di place where I go stay and I don choose David make e lead my pipol.’ My papa David really won build temple to honor di Oga wey bi Israel God. But God tell am, ‘E dey good as yu get am for mind to build temple to take honor mi. But, yu nor go build am; instead na yor own pikin go build temple take honor mi.’
10 God don do wetin E promise. I don take-ova from my papa David kon sidan for Israel throne, just as E promise. I don build dis temple to honor di Oga wey bi Israel God 11 kon build place for di Kovenant Box and na God make dis kovenant with Israel pipol.”
12 Solomon stand for God altar for Israel pipol present kon spread en hand. 13 E still make one blue stage for di middle. E long rish seven and half fit and na so e wide rish too, but e high rish four and half fit. E klimb di stage kon knee down for all di pipol front, den e raiz en hand go heaven 14 kon pray:
“Awa Oga wey bi Israel God, e nor get any god wey bi like Yu for heaven or for dis eart! Yu dey show yor goodness to yor savant wey dey obey and respet Yu. 15 Yu don do wetin Yu tell yor savant, my papa David sey Yu go do; today-today Yu don do as Yu promise.
16 My Oga wey bi Israel God, make Yu do wetin Yu promise yor savant, my papa David, wen Yu sey, ‘Na yor shidren and shidren-shidren go dey rule for Israel, so-far dem do wetin I tok kon obey my laws, just as Yu obey mi.’ 17 My Oga wey bi Israel God, make Yu keep di promise wey Yu make to yor savant David.
18 God nor dey really stay with human being for dis eart! Si, if di sky and di heavens wey high pass nor rish Yu stay, den how dis temple go take kontain Yu? 19 But my Oga God, make Yu ansa yor savant prayer kon help am. Make Yu ansa dis prayer wey yor savant dey pray give Yu. 20 Make Yu wosh ova dis temple both for nite and day, bikos Yu promise sey Yu go stay here. Make Yu ansa di prayer wey yor savant dey pray for dis place. 21 Make Yu listin to di prayers wey yor savant and Israel pipol dey pray give Yu from dis place. Make Yu hear from where Yu dey stay for heaven kon ansa well, den forgive us awa sins.
22 Wen dem akuiz pesin sey e sin against en neighbour and dem bring am kom dis temple make e swear, 23 make Yu listin from heaven kon judge di kase. Make Yu ponish di pesin wey dey guilty, den free di one wey dey innocent and make Yu reward di two of dem akordin to wetin dem do.
24 If Yu let enemies win yor pipol Israel, bikos of dia sin, den dem kon turn kom meet Yu for dis temple sey make Yu forgive and help dem, 25 make Yu listin to dem from heaven kon forgive yor pipol, den bring dem kom back to di land wey Yu give dem and dia grand-grand papa.
26 Time dey kom wen di sky go klose and rain nor go fall, bikos yor pipol don sin against Yu. Wen ever dem face dis temple kon pray to Yu, make Yu forgive dem as dem turn from dia sins kom meet Yu, bikos Yu don ponish dem before. 27 Make yu listin from heaven kon forgive yor savants wey bi yor pipol Israel. Den, Yu go tish dem di rite way wey bi life kon make rain fall for yor land wey Yu give dem to stay.
28 Time go kom wen honga go full di eart; diziz, trobol or lokust go dey chop anytin wey dem si; dia enemies go set trap for dem for evriwhere and some oda bad diziz and trobols go happen. 29 Wen yor pipol raiz dia hand go heaven kon face dis temple as dem dey pray to Yu for help, bikos dem dey sofa, 30 make Yu listin to dem from heaven; forgive dia sin kon ansa each pesin akordin to wetin Yu tink sey dey en mind. (True-true, na only Yu fit really know wetin pesin dey tink.) 31 Den, as dem dey for dis land wey Yu give dia grand-grand papa, dem go honor and obey Yu till dem die.
32 Strenjas wey nor join yor pipol Israel, go kom from far place, bikos of di respet wey pipol dey give Yu and bikos Yu get pawa to do evritin wey Yu tok; dem go kom dis temple kon pray. 33 Make Yu listin to dem from heaven kon ansa all di prayers wey di strenjas pray. Den all di nashons for dis eart go know as Yu good rish kon obey Yu, just as yor pipol Israel dey obey Yu. Den dem go know sey dis temple wey I build, na yor own.
34 Wen ever Yu sey make yor pipol go fight dia enemies and dem direct dia prayers to Yu kon face dis town wey Yu choose and dis temple wey I build to honor Yu, 35 make Yu listin to dia prayers for help from heaven kon fight for dem.
36 Di time dey kom wen yor pipol go sin against Yu (bikos e nor get who nor dey sin!) and Yu go dey vex for dem kon give dem to dia enemies wey go take dem go as prisonas for anoda land, weda e far or near. 37 Wen yor pipol don know wetin dem do for dat land where dem for bi prisonas, den, dem turn kom meet and dey beg make Yu forgive and remove dem from di land where dem for bi prisonas, den dem go sey, ‘Wi don sin and do anyhow! Wi don do wiked tin!’ 38 Wen dem turn kom meet Yu with all dia heart and mind for di land where dem for dey sofa kon dey pray as dem face dis land wey Yu give dia grand-grand papa and di town wey Yu choose with di temple wey I build to honor Yu, 39 den make Yu listin to dia prayer for help from where Yu dey stay for heaven. Make Yu sorry for dem; help and forgive yor pipol for all di sins wey dem kommit.
40 My God, make Yu dey listin and ansa all di prayers wey dem go pray to Yu from dis place.
41 My Oga God, make Yu and di box
wey dey show as yor pawa bi,
enter and stay dis temple forever!
Make yor priests si as Yu dey diliver pipol!
Make doz wey dey obey Yu happy
for di blessings and propaty wey Yu dey give!
42 My God, make Yu nor rijet di pipol wey Yu choose!
Make Yu remember di promise wey Yu make give David, yor savant!”