Paul First Leta To
I Salot
Na Paul, Silas and Timoti rite dis leta go give God and Jesus Christ pipol wey dey di church for Tesalonika. Make God grace and peace dey with una.
Wen ever wi dey pray, wi dey always tank God for all of una. Wi remember di work wey una don do thru faith and as una dey bear bikos of di hope wey una get about awa Oga God Jesus Christ.
Awa brodas and sistas wey God love, wi know sey God don choose una as en own. Nor bi only thru ordinary word wi take prish di gospel give una, but na with di Holy Spirit pawa and wi show sey, evritin wey e tok, na true. Una know how wi dey live and help una.
So, una kon bigin do as wi and Christ dey do; even doh una sofa well-well, una receive di message with joy wey di Holy Spirit dey give. So una bi ezample to all di pipol wey bilive Jesus for both Masidonia and Akaia. Bikos nor bi only sey di message about Christ don rish evriwhere for Masidonia and Akaia, but dem don hear di news about una faith for evriwhere. So wi nor even nid to tok about una again. Pipol dey tok about how una welkom us and leave di juju wey una dey serve before kon follow di true God wey get life. 10 And una dey wait en pikin wey dey kom from heaven. Dis na en pikin, Jesus wey E wake from deat and na-im go save us from God vexnashon wey dey kom.