Paul Prish For Tesalonika Pipol
Awa brodas and sistas, una know sey awa visit nor dey yuzles. Before wi kom meet una for Tesalonika, dem sofa and trit us anyhow for Filippi and many pipol nor wont make wi tok, but awa God give us pawa to prish en Good News. Bikos wetin wi dey prish nor bi with mistake, dirty mind or wayo, but na God choose us to prish di gospel and na so wi dey prish am. Wi nor dey do am make pipol for praiz us, but make God wey dey si awa heart, praiz us by ensef. As una know, wi nor ever try to win una with sweet words.
And God na awa witness sey wi nor dey pritend to bi una friends bikos of una money. Wi nor ever sey make pipol praiz us; weda na una or odas. Wen wi dey with una, wi dey gentol like as mama dey kare for en pikin, even doh wi for fit kollect money from una since wi bi Christ apostles. Bikos wi love una, wi dey happy as wi dey share God word and awa own life with una. But awa brodas and sistas, wi hope sey una remember as wi dey work for both day and nite, so dat as wi dey prish di gospel, wi nor go bi problem to una.
10 As wi dey live with una wey bilive Christ, una and God na awa witness sey, wi dey holy and dey do good tins for God eye without fault. 11 As unasef know, wi dey trit una as papa dey trit en shidren. 12 Wi dey advise, beg and tok to una sey, una must live una life as God wont, bikos na-im koll una enter en own kingdom and glory.
13 Wi still dey tank God evritime, bikos wen una asept God message wey una hear from us, una nor asept am like sey na human being message, but una asept am as God message and true-true na God message e bi and God dey work inside una wey don bilive. 14 My brodas and sistas, na di same tin happen to God church for Judea and una wey bilive Christ for der don still sofa pain from una kountry-men wey bi Jew pipol. 15 Di same Jew pipol wey dey ponish us, na dem still kill awa Oga God Jesus Christ and di profets. Dem dey wiked to evribody and nor dey do wetin God wont. 16 Dem even try to stop us, so dat wi nor go prish di message wey go give salvashon to Gentile pipol. As dem dey do so, dia sins dey plenty more-more. But naw, God vexnashon with ponishment dey kom meet dem.
Paul Plan To Visit Dem Again
17 My brodas and sistas, afta wi leave una (even doh wi still dey tink about una), wi kon dey try to make sure sey wi si una again bikos of di love wey wi get for una. 18 Wi bin won kom si una (mi wey bi Paul don try to kom many times), but Satan spoil awa plan. 19 Nor bi una bi awa hope, joy and crown wey wi go take boast give Jesus wen E kom? Yes! Na una! 20 Bikos na una bi awa joy and glory!