Paul Love For Tesalonika Pipol
Wen wi nor fit bear-am again, wi kon sey wi go stay for Atens by awasef. So wi kon send Timoti, awa broda wey dey follow us do God work sey, make e kom enkourage una koncerning una faith, so dat nobody among una go dey fear, bikos of all dis sofa. Unasef know sey all wetin dey happen, na as God plan am. Wen wi dey with una, wi dey tell una before di time rish sey, wi go sofa well-well and e don dey happen as una dey si am. So wen I nor fit bear again, I send pesin make e help mi shek how una faith bi, bikos I dey fear sey devil wey dey tempt pipol, don tempt una and all di work wey wi do among una, don dey yuzles.
But naw, Timoti don kom meet us afta e si una and e tell us di Good News about di faith and love wey una get. E still tell us sey, una dey always remember and dey hongry to si us, just as wi dey hongry to si una. So, awa brodas and sistas, for all awa trobol and sofa, awa heart dey strong about una, bikos of una faith. Naw, wi dey alive again, bikos una stand well for Christ and wi dey tank God for una. Wi dey tank am for di joy wey wi get for en present bikos of una. 10 Wi dey pray with all awa mind for day and nite sey, make God let us si una again kon let una know evritin wey una suppose know about una faith.
11 Make God awa papa and Oga God Jesus prepare road for us, so dat wi go si una again. 12 Make Christ make una love for each oda and for evribody, grow more-more and big, just as awa love for una bi, 13 so dat una heart go dey strong for holiness. And for di time wey Christ go kom with en pipol, una go dey without fault for God present.