Life Wey God Wont
Finally, my brodas and sistas, wi dey ask and beg una bikos of Christ sey, as una don hear from us about how una suppose live as God wont (as una dey do naw), make una kontinue to dey live like dat. Una know di kommand wey wi give una thru Christ.
Na wetin God wont bi dis: Make una dey holy; komot hand for bad tins; nor sleep with who nor bi yor wife or husband. Una wey bi man, make una dey live with una wife for holiness and with respet, nor bi to dey follow who yu nor marry, just as Gentile pipol wey nor know God dey do. Make nobody shit en Christian broda or make am vex, bikos na God go fight for di pesin wey yu shit and wi don tell una before and wi still dey warn una sey, God go really ponish pipol wey dey do like dat. Bikos God nor koll us to live yeye life, but na to live holy life. So, anybody wey rijet wetin wi tok; nor bi human being authority e rijet, but na God wey give una en Holy Spirit.
No nid to rite give una about love for una fellow Christians, bikos God ensef don tish una about how una suppose love each oda. 10 And una really dey show love to di Christian brodas and sistas for Masidonia. My brodas and sistas, wi dey beg una sey, make una kontinue to dey do like dat.
11 Make una dey do well, so dat una go live kwayet life; dey mind una own business and dey work with una hand as wi kommand una before. 12 Like dis, doz sinnas go dey respet una and una go get evritin wey una nid.
13 Awa brodas and sistas, wi wont make una know di trut about doz pipol wey don die, so dat una nor go dey sad like pipol wey nor get hope. 14 Since wi bilive sey Jesus die and e wake-up; na so too wi bilive sey, doz wey bi Christian before dem die, God go raiz dem up. 15 Bikos wetin wi dey tish una naw, na wetin Christ tish sey: Wi wey dey alive wen Jesus go kom, nor go follow am go kon leave doz wey don die bikos, all of us go-go with am. 16 God big angel go shaut dey kommand as Christ dey kom down from heaven; di angel vois go dey loud with God trumpet and doz wey bi Christian before dem die, go first go up. 17 God go karry wi wey remain for dis world go meet dem for sky, den all of us go-go meet Christ for heaven. 18 So make una dey enkourage each oda with all dis word.