Wen Christ Go Kom
Brodas and sistas, koncerning di time and sizin wen dis tins go happen, wi nor nid to rite anytin give una. Bikos una really know sey, di day wen Christ go kom, e go bi like wen tif dey kom for nite. Wen pipol dey sey, “Evritin dey okay and peaceful,” na dat time wahala wey go skata evriwhere go kom and e go bi like di pain wey woman dey face wen e won born and nobody go eskape from am.
But una wey bi awa brodas and sistas, make una komot from darkness, so dat, dat day nor go kom meet una as tif dey kom wen nobody dey espect, bikos all of una na lite shidren. Wi nor bi nite or darkness shidren, so make wi nor dey sleep as odas dey do, but make wi shine awa eye well-well. Na for nite pipol dey sleep and dey drink anyhow. But since wi bilong to lite, make wi dey kwayet, use faith and love take protet awa chest, den wear di hope wey wi get like priest kap for head. Bikos God nor choose us to sofa en vexnashon, but to get salvashon thru awa Oga God Jesus Christ 10 wey die for us, so dat weda wi dey alive or wi don die wen e kom, wi go stay togeda with am for heaven. 11 So make una dey enkourage and help each oda, just as una dey do naw.
Di Last Tins Wey Una Go Do
12 Naw wi dey beg una, awa brodas and sistas, make una dey respet doz wey dey work, guide and tell una wetin to do about dis matter wey koncern Christ. 13 Bikos of di work wey dem dey do, make una love and respet dem well-well. 14 Wi dey beg una, awa brodas and sistas, make una tell pipol wey dey bihave anyhow sey, wetin dem dey do nor good, den make una help doz wey dey weak, but make una dey patient with evribody. 15 Make una dey sure sey nobody pay bad for bad, but for evritime, make una always dey do good for each oda and for evribody.
16 Make una dey happy evritime. 17 Make una dey pray evritime. 18 Make una dey tank God for evritin, bikos na so God wont sey make una wey dey inside Christ dey do.
19 Make una nor drive God Spirit komot for una life. 20 Make una nor take God word wey pesin tok as yeye tin. 21 Make una test evritin kon dey do wetin good. 22 Make una nor put hand for wiked and evil tins.
Last Word
23 Make God wey dey give peace, help una to dey holy go rish di end, so dat for di day wen Christ go kom, una spirit, soul and mind go dey without fault. 24 Di Pesin wey koll una to do en work dey faithful.
25 My brodas and sistas, make una pray for us. 26 Make una greet all di brodas and sistas as God wont am. 27 I kommand una with Jesus name sey, make una read dis leta give all di brodas and sistas wey bilive.
28 Make awa Oga God Jesus Christ grace dey with una.