Paul Sekond Leta To
I Salot
Na Paul, Silas and Timoti rite dis leta go give God and Jesus Christ pipol wey dey di church for Tesalonika. Make grace and peace wey God awa papa and Oga God Jesus Christ dey give, dey with una.
Tank God
Wi get betta rizin to dey tank God evritime for una, bikos una faith dey grow more-more and di love wey una get for each oda, dey grow too. So, bikos of una faith and how una dey bear wahala and sofa, wi dey use una boast to all di pipol for God church.
Wahala Taims
Dis na sign sey God dey give korrect judgement. E wont make una dey good to inherit en kingdom and na bikos of dis kingdom, una dey sofa so. E good as God dey ponish di pipol wey dey trobol una. And una wey dey sofa so, God go give wi and una rest wen Christ go kom from heaven with en mighty angels. Den Christ go use fire wey nor dey kwensh take ponish doz wey nor know God and wey nor dey obey wetin wi dey prish about am. God go distroy dem and dia ponishment nor go ever end. Wen Christ go kom receive glory from di pipol wey e choose, 10 e go drive sinnas komot from en present, en pawa and en glory. Dat day, evribody wey bilive, go praiz am and true-true, una bilive evritin wey wi tell una.
11 Na dis make us dey always pray for una sey, as God koll una, E go make una dey good and evry good tin wey una wont, go happen to una thru en pawa, so dat una work wey una dey do with faith, go komplete. 12 So, bikos of una, pipol go dey praiz awa Oga God Jesus Christ and akordin to awa God and Oga God Jesus Christ grace, unasef go dey receive en blessing.