Judgement Day
Naw my brodas and sistas, for di time wen Jesus go kom and wen God go gada us go meet am, wi won tell una sey, make fear nor dey una mind or spirit; even doh wi tell or rite give una sey Christ go soon kom. Make nobody deceive una. Bikos dat day nor go kom until trobol go first kom and true-true, di pesin wey God go distroy, go kom out. E go oppoz and karry ensef pass God and oda tins wey pipol dey woship. E go even sidan for God Temple dey tok sey e bi God.
Una remember sey wen I dey with una before, I tell una all dis tins. And una know wetin dey stop am, bikos e go only kom out wen en time don rish. Dis wikedness don already dey work for sekret and dem go dey sekret until di pesin, wey bi di Holy Spirit wey dey whole dem, go komot for road. Den evribody go know who dis wiked man bi and God go distroy am with breeze from Christ mout kon beri am with di glory wey dey kom. Di wiked man go kom with Satan pawa and e go do difren mirakles and wonders. 10 E go use wayo deceive doz wey go perish, bikos dem nor won love and respet di trut wey for save dem. 11 So God go make dem deceive dis pipol well-well and dem go bilive dia lie-lie. 12 Den God go distroy dem, bikos dem enjoy sin instead of di trut.
Stand Well For Groun
13 But my brodas and sistas wey God love, wi dey always tank God for una evritime, bikos God don choose una from di biginnin sey, E go save una with di Holy Spirit pawa wey go make una dey holy, since una get faith and trut. 14 E koll una enter en salvashon thru awa message, so dat una go fit get share for Christ glory. 15 So, my brodas and sistas, make una stand well for groun kon whole wetin wi tish una tait; weda na thru di words wey wi tok or letas wey wi rite.
16 Naw I dey pray sey, God wey love and give us betta konfort thru en grace and hope, 17 go enkourage and give una pawa for all di good work wey una dey do or di words wey una dey tok.