Make Una Pray For Us
Finally, my brodas and sistas, make una pray for us, so dat Christ message go kontinue to spread kon get glory just as e really get among una. Make God diliver us from wiked and evil pipol, bikos nor bi evribody get faith. But Christ dey keep en promise and E go make una strong. Wi get mind sey Christ go help una and una go do all di tins wey wi tell una. I pray make God guide una heart to undastand en love more-more, so dat una go get Christ patient.
Make Una Live Well
My brodas and sistas, wi dey kommand una with awa Oga God Jesus Christ name sey, make una nor follow bilivers wey dey do anyhow and nor dey do as wi tell dem. Una know sey una suppose to dey imitate us, bikos wi nor bihave anyhow wen wi dey with una. Wi nor chop anybody food wey wi nor pay for. Instead, wi dey struggol and work hard for day and nite, so dat wi nor go bi wahala to una. Nor bi sey wi nor get rite to ask una, but wi won use awasef as ezample for una, 10 bikos even wen wi dey with una, wi tell una sey, “Pesin wey nor ready to work, make e nor chop.”
11 Wi hear sey some pipol among una dey leave anyhow and dem nor dey mind dia business, instead dem dey put eye for anoda pesin tin. 12 Wi dey kommand and enkourage dis kind pipol with awa Oga God Jesus Christ name sey, make dem do dia work well, so dat dem go fit feed demsef. 13 My brodas and sistas, make e nor taya una to do good.
14 But if anybody nor obey awa message thru dis leta, make una look dat kind pesin well-well and make nobody follow am waka or do anytin togeda, so dat shame go katch am. 15 Make una nor si am as enemy, but make una korrect am as una broda.
Last Word
16 Naw, make Christ wey dey give peace, give una en peace evritime and make di peace dey with una always.
17 Na mi Paul dey rite and greet una with my own hand, just as I dey do for evry leta wey I don send kom meet una. 18 Make awa Oga God Jesus Christ grace dey with all of una.