Paul First Leta To
Timoti na Paul pikin for di Christainity. Na under Paul e grow up as dem dey go from place to place dey prish di gospel. Afta dem start di church for Efesus, Paul tell Timoti make e stay der so dat e go tish di pipol well bikos some bad tishas don kom won konfuse dem about dia faith. Dem tish di pipol bad tins about food, marriage and leadership for di church.
I Salot
Paul wey bi Jesus Christ apostle thru God awa Savior kommand, na-im rite dis leta and na Jesus Christ bi di hope wey wi get: To Timoti, my own pikin for di faith. Make favor, mesi and peace wey dey kom from God awa papa and Jesus Christ awa Oga God, dey with yu.
Timoti Ministry For Efesus
As I tell yu wen I dey go Masidonia, make yu korrect doz pipol for Efesus wey nor dey tish di trut but dey waste oda pipol time with di words wey dem dey tok. Dis kind tin dey make pipol live yeye life, instead of to dey hear God word wey dey make pesin faith strong. But di rizin why I dey give dis kommand, na bikos I love dem from my heart with betta mind and faith. Some disobey dis kommand kon dey tok tins wey nor dey good. Dem won tish pipol di law, but dem nor undastand wetin dem dey tok, even doh dem dey tok with strong heart.
But wi know sey di law dey good wen pipol dey obey am. God nor give di law, bikos of good pipol, but na for pipol wey dey disobey and do anyhow. Dis kind pipol dey like to sin and dem nor dey fear God. Dem nor dey holy or get respet for anytin and dem fit kill dia papa, mama or anybody. 10 Di law na for pipol wey dey sleep with who dem nor marry; man wey dey sleep with man; woman wey dey sleep with woman; pesin wey dey sell pipol as slave; lie-lie pipol; doz wey dey promise and dem nor fit do am or anybody wey nor dey obey di rite tishings 11 wey dey dis betta gospel, wey awa Oga God sey make I dey prish.
12 I tank Christ awa Oga God, wey give mi pawa to do en work. Even doh I dey tok bad about am and dey opress en pipol before, 13 e si mi as good pesin kon choose mi to serve am. But God sorry for mi, bikos den I nor know wetin I dey do and I nor bilive en gospel. 14 But God grace big well-well with faith and love wey dey for Jesus Christ.
15 Dis na true word and e good for evribody to asept and bilive am sey: “Jesus Christ kom dis world kon save sinnas” and na mi worse pass. 16 But God sorry for mi, so dat Christ go use mi as betta ezample to show sey, e dey patient with even di pesin wey sin pass. Den odas go know sey, demsef go fit bilive am kon get life wey nor dey end. 17 Make all di honor and glory bi God own forever and ever! Na-im bi di King wey nor dey die, di One wey nobody dey si and na only en bi God. Amen!
18 Timoti my pikin, na as dem tok for di words wey dem profesai about yu before, na-im make mi give yu dis kommand. So make dis words make yu strong as yu dey fight for Christ. 19 Whole yor faith for Christ well and make yor mind dey klear. Bikos some pipol nor dey use good mind and bikos of dat, dia faith don skata. 20 Hymenaeus and Alexanda na ezample of doz kind pipol. I don give dem to Satan, so dat dem go stop to dey tok anyhow about God.