Prayer For Evribody
First of all, I tell una make una dey pray, ask and tank God for evribody. Make una pray for kings and doz wey dey rule, so dat wi go fit live for peace, get betta karata and good life with fear for God. Dis kind tin good and na wetin God awa Savior dey like, bikos E wont make evribody dey save and undastand di trut. Bikos na only one God dey and na Jesus Christ wey kom as human being, bi di pesin wey dey bring God and human being togeda. E die so dat evribody go dey free. Na dis message God go give di world, wen di time don rish. Na dis tins make God choose mi as prisha, apostle and tisha to Gentile pipol, so dat I go prish faith and wetin bi trut (na true word I dey tell una so, I nor dey lie). So, I wont make evribody dey pray for evriwhere, dey raiz dia holy hand without vexnashon or kworel.
Wimen Karata
I wont make wimen dey dress well with sef kontrol. Nor make yeye hair style; nor wear too mush gold or stones and klot wey dear well-well. 10 Instead, make dem get good karata as wimen wey dey fear God, suppose bi. 11 Make wimen dey kwayet and listin well as dem dey learn. 12 I nor allow woman tish or give dem authority ova men. Make dem kwayet dey listin, 13 bikos na Adam God first kreate, nor bi Eve. 14 And nor bi Adam, Satan deceive. Satan deceive di woman and na so sin take kom dis world. 15 But God go save di woman wen e won born, so-far e kontinue to get faith, love, holiness and dey kontrol ensef.