Dem Attack Judah
Afta King Hezekaya do all dis good tins for God, King Sennakerib for Assyria with en sojas kon go attack Judah. Wen King Hezekaya si sey Sennakerib don enter and e won attack Jerusalem, e go meet en advise and en sojas oga kon tell dem sey make dem stop di wota for outside di town and dem support am. Many pipol gada go stop di wota make e for nor flow go outside di town again and dem kon sey, “Why Assyria king go kom find wota for here?” King Hezekaya use all en pawa take build di wall wey dem break. E build towa and wall for outside kon fence David Town round. E make many weapons and shields.
E put di sojas under dia offisa, den e gada dem for di town gate. E make dia heart strong wen e sey, “Make una dey strong! Make una nor fear or shake, bikos of Assyria king and en sojas, bikos di Pesin wey dey with us, strong pass di pipol wey dey with am. Na only human being pawa dem get, but di Oga wey bi awa God dey with us and E go help us fight all awa war.” So, wetin King Hezekaya tok kon make di sojas get strong heart.
Wen King Sennakerib and en sojas still dey for Lakish, e send dis message go give King Hezekaya and all Judah pipol wey dey with am for Jerusalem:
10 Dis na wetin King Sennakerib for Assyria tok, “Why una get heart kon still dey Jerusalem wen sojas surround evriwhere? 11 King Hezekaya tell una sey, ‘Di Oga wey bi awa God go save us from Assyria king pawa.’ But e dey deceive una and honga for food and wota go kill una. 12 Na King Hezekaya skata all God place and altars kon tell Judah and Jerusalem pipol make dem burn incense and woship God for only one altar.
13 Una nor know wetin mi and my grand-grand papa dem do to oda nashons? All di oda land gods fit save en pipol from my pawa? 14 Any of doz kountry gods don fit save dem from my pawa? 15 Make una nor let King Hezekaya deceive una like dis. Make una nor bilive am, bikos no god for any kingdom don fit save en pipol from my hand or my grand-grand papa dem pawa. So, how una God go take save una from my hand?”
16 King Sennakerib savants still insult di Oga God and Hezekaya wey bi God savant. 17 E rite leta kon curse di Oga wey bi Israel pipol God sey: “Di gods for all di nashons nor fit save dia pipol from my pawa. Even King Hezekaya God nor go fit save en pipol from my pawa.” 18 Di ofisas shaut with Hibru language make Jerusalem pipol wey dey di wall, fear run komot, so dat dem go fit seize di town. 19 Dem dey tok about Jerusalem God like sey na one ordinary pesin for di nashon.
20 King Hezekaya and Profet Isaya wey bi Amos pikin kon pray and kry to God. 21 God kon send angel go kill all di soja, prince and offisa for Assyria. So, King Sennakerib kon shame go back to en town. Den wen e go en god temple, en sons kon kill-am with swod.
22 God save King Hezekaya and Jerusalem pipol from King Sennakerib and di oda nashons. E protet dem for evry side. 23 Many pipol bring tins kon give God for Jerusalem and dem still give betta gifts to King Hezekaya for Judah. From dat time go, all di nashons kon dey respet am.
King Hezekaya Sick
24 For dat time, one kind bad sickness katch King Hezekaya. E pray give God and God show am sign sey, e go well. 25 But King Hezekaya nor dey honbol again, bikos e kon dey karry body wey make God vex for both en, Judah and Jerusalem pipol. 26 King Hezekaya and Jerusalem pipol kon turn kom meet God and E forgive dem again.
27 King Hezekaya get money well-well and pipol dey respet am. E build where dem go dey keep en silva, gold, precious stones, spices and many oda tins wey e get, put. 28 E still build store for en rice wey dem harvest, en wine, olive oil and for en plenty animals. 29 E build royal towns and e get many sheep and melu, bikos God gi-am many propaty.
30 King Hezekaya block where wota from dey kom on-top Gihon kon direct am go di west side for David Town. So, God kon bless King Hezekaya for evritin wey e do. 31 Wen Babilon ofisas send pipol go find out about di sign wey happen for di land, God kon leave di king alone, so dat E go fit test am, make E for know wetin dey en mind.
32 Di remainin good tins wey Hezekaya do, dem rite dem for di book wey bi Profet Isaya wey Amos born, own. Dem still rite dem for Judah and Israel kings history book. 33 Hezekaya die and dem beri am for David shidren-shidren grave. Judah pipol and doz wey dey stay for Jerusalem beri am with honor. En pikin Manasseh kon take-ova as king.