King Manasseh Rule Judah
Manasseh na twelf years wen e start to rule and e rule for fifty-five years from Jerusalem. E sin like di oda kings and nashons wey God porshu komot di land for Israel pipol. E build di high place wey en papa King Hezekaya skata. E make altars for Baal and Asherah juju. E bow and woship all di stars for di sky. Manasseh build altars for God Temple, di place where God for sey, “Jerusalem go bi my house forever.” For di two kourtyard for God Temple, e build altars for all di stars for di sky. E sakrifice en sons for fire for Ben-Hinnom Valley kon dey do juju and many bad-bad tins. E dig one pit and for der, doz wey don die, dem dey koll dia spirit kom back to life. E put majishan make dem dey supavise am. E do many wiked and bad tins wey make God vex.
Di juju image wey e make, e put am for God Temple, di place wey God tell David and Solomon en pikin sey, “Dis temple for Jerusalem, na-im I don choose among Israel land, as my house forever. I nor go make Israel pipol leave di land wey I give dia grand-grand papa again, as long as dem dey obey di kommand, laws and rules wey I give dem thru Moses, my savant.” But Manasseh deceive Judah pipol and doz wey dey stay for Jerusalem make dem for sin pass di nashons wey God distroy komot der, for dem.
10 Even as God warn Manasseh and en pipol rish, dem nor gri listin.
Manasseh Turn To God
11 So God kon allow di oga for Assyria sojas attack Judah. Dem seize Manasseh, hook en nose, tie am with bronze shains kon karry am go Babilon. 12 As dem dey sofa am, Manasseh kon turn go meet God wey bi en grand-grand papa God sey make E kon help am. 13 Wen e pray to God, God hear and ansa en kry for help. God bring am kom back to Jerusalem wey bi en kingdom. Den Manasseh kon know sey na di Oga bi di true God.
14 Afta dis, Manasseh build di outside wall for David Town for di west side for Gihon Valley go rish di Fish Gate and di oda gates. E make am high well-well kon put sojas for evriwhere for di town wey dem fence for Judah.
15 E remove all di juju and image dem from God Temple. All di altars wey e build for di hill for God Temple and for Jerusalem, e trowey dem. 16 E build God altar kon offa peace and tanksgivin ofrin. E tell Judah pipol make dem serve Israel God wey bi di true God. 17 Di pipol still dey offa sakrifice for di high place, but na only to dia Oga wey bi God.
18 Di remainin tins wey Manasseh do, with how e pray to God and di profesy wey dem use God name take tell am, dem rite dem put for Israel kings history book. 19 Wetin dem rite for di profets book still get: en prayers and how God take ansa am; all en sins and di bad tins wey e do; where e build high place with Asherah juju before e turn to Oga God. 20 Manasseh die and dem beri am for en palis. En pikin Amon kon take-ova as king.
Amor Rule
21 Amon na twenty-two years wen e start to rule and e rule for two years from Jerusalem. 22 E nor obey God just as Manasseh en papa bin do. E do sakrifice for all di juju wey en papa make. 23 Amon nor respet di Oga wey bi God, just as Manasseh en papa take leta respet am. E even sin pass en papa.
24 En savants plan kon kill-am for en palis. 25 But di pipol kill doz wey plan against Amor, den Josaya wey bi Amon pikin, dem kon make am king.