Sekond Leta
Around 65AD, Emperor Nero arrest Apostle Pita kon put am for prison for Rome. Pita kon feel sey dem go kill-am and since e si evritin wey hapun to Jesus Christ, e kon rite anoda leta to di bilivers wey e rite to before and e remind dem sey na Jesus tish dem by ensef. False tishas don dey tell di bilivers sey since Jesus neva still kom back, make dem just know sey e nor go kom back again. So dem kon dey live yeye life and na dis Pita hear, wey make am rite sey e ensef si Jesus glory and pawa on-top di holy mountin (Mark 9:2-13) and evribody go si dis glory wen Jesus kom back.
I Salot
Na mi Pita wey bi Jesus Christ savant and apostle, rite dis leta to di pipol wey get di same faith wey wi get. God give una dis faith, bikos of en raitiousness wey kom thru awa Oga God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Make God give una betta peace and grace as una dey grow for en word and inside Jesus, wey bi awa Oga God!
Salvashon Wey Bilivers Get
I pray make God pawa give us evritin wey wi nid, so dat wi go fit live di kind life wey E wont, as wi don know di trut about Jesus wey koll us with en glory and goodness. Like dis too, wi don get betta promise and bikos of dat, wi go get God karata wey go free us from di bad tins wey dey for dis world. So, make una try to make una faith strong and know God word. As una dey know God word more-more, una go fit kontrol unasef; get patient; dey live holy life and love una brodas and sistas without parsha. Bikos if una really get dis tins, dem go dey grow inside una, so una nor go dey yuzles, but una go bear good fruits as una dey try to know Christ more-more. But di pesin wey nor get dis tins, dey blind. Dis show sey, e nor dey si far and e don forget sey God don forgi-am en sins. 10 So my brodas and sistas, make una do evritin to show sey, God koll and choose una. As una dey do so, una nor go ever fall inside sin. 11 Di door to enter awa Oga God and Savior Jesus Christ kingdom, wey nor go ever end, go open wide for una.
Salvashon For God Word
12 I go dey remind una dis tins evritime, even doh I know sey una know dem and naw, una leg don strong for di trut wey una bilive. 13 As long as I dey, I look am sey e good make I dey remind una, 14 as I know sey di time wey I go die don near, bikos awa Oga God Jesus Christ don show mi. 15 I go try do evritin wey I fit do, so dat afta I don go, una go fit tok about dis tins.
16 Bikos, wi nor use awa brain take tell una lie-lie story about Christ pawa and how E go kom back. 17 God gi-am honor and glory wen di vois sey, “Dis na my Pikin wey I love and e dey make belle sweet mi.” 18 Wen dis vois tok from heaven, wi awasef hear am, bikos wi dey with am on-top di mountin. 19 Afta dat one, wi bilive wetin di profets prish. Una go do well if una hear and follow di lite wey dey shine for darkness and wen day break, di star wey dey kom for morning, go shine for una heart. 20 Di one wey important pass bi sey, una know dis tins: e nor get anytin wey di profets tok for God word wey just kom out from dia own mind, 21 bikos know profesy don ever kom out from human being mind. Instead, na di Holy Spirit dey kontrol di pipol wey dey tok God word.